Back To Square One For Ryan Perrilloux, It Seems

Well, the bad news is that Ryan Perrilloux has been suspended for Jacksonville State’s opener Sept. 5. The good news is that now he has some extra time to step up his hunt for Osama bin Laden. Perrilloux, who was jettisoned from LSU due to reportedly failing a drug test (among other transgressions), has not straightened himself out to the satisfaction of his new team, it appears.

Ryan Perrilloux

Perrilloux was suspended for the Gamecocks’ season-opener at Georgia Tech for “a violation of team rules in the spring,” head coach Jack Crowe said this morning. Just another chapter in the Perrilloux Story, the favorite chapter of which, for me, is when he thought he saw Osama bin Laden serving food at the Kona Grill in Baton Rouge. Read more…

CBS Golf Analyst In Hot Water Over Pelosi Joke

The golf community seems to get their knickers in a bunch when it comes to borderline tasetless jokes, which is a shame because it seems like that’s the only time most of us pay any attention to golf.

Nancy Pelosi, Osama bin Laden

But CBS golf analyst David Feherty got off a pretty good one at the expense of Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi and Senate majority leader Harry Reid. And predictably, the outrage meter is in the red.

The joke goes, “If you gave any US soldier a gun with two bullets in it, and he found himself in an elevator with Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid and Osama bin Laden…”

(Punchline after the jump.)

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Brog: Patrick, Olbermann Reunite On NBC Teevee

Richard Sandomir of the NEW YORK TIMES has a bombshell today about Dan Patrick, reporting that the former ESPN SportsCenter anchor will be reunited with Keith Olbermann on NBC’s Sunday Night Football broadcasts.

Keith Olbermann Dan Patrick

Nice play by Dick Ebersol, especially when it comes to boosting Patrick’s profile, who is currently saddled with a syndicated radio show that has very little live clearance in major markets (save Los Angeles). This is the sort of thing that could really help his daily show take off.

Think about Jim Rome’s radio show before he became a stalwart on Fox Sports Net’s “The Last Word.” Besides his L.A. flagship, he was taking calls everyday from the likes of Lincoln, Nebraska, and Green Bay. The TV presence brought him more prestige and pushed him into the sports media mainstream- with the accompanying major market radio affiliates to follow. The NBC thing for Patrick may function similarly. We’ll see.

More details from SPORTS BUSINESS DAILY:

Ebersol said of the set-up of the show, which runs from 7:00-8:30pm ET, “Highlights that begin at 7:15 (ET) will be Dan and Keith. They’ll do the highlights straight through until about 8:00, with the exception of one segment that Cris and Bob will do somewhere around 7:30 or 7:40.” He added the mics for all members of the studio team, which also includes Tiki Barber, Jerome Bettis and Peter King, will be open, allowing them to comment when they feel like it.

In addition to “FNIA,” Patrick will also be part of the net’s Super Bowl coverage when it has TV rights, as well as a member of NBC’s Olympics coverage beginning with the 2010 Vancouver Games.

I’m sure Dan is broken up about missing out on Beijing. Aw, shucks!

I spent most of Sunday midday watching the Roger Federer-Rafael Nadal match. The pair helped me get quite the workout on the treadmill at my gym, as I couldn’t bring myself to leave until the match’s conclusion (three hours later!).

I haven’t watched much tennis lately, so I was a little perplexed about who was calling the PBP of the Wimbledon men’s finals match. After I heard John McEnroe refer to his partner as “Ted” I then realized that former SF Giants announcer Ted Robinson was behind the mic.

Robinson, who is a longtime tennis guy as well, was serviceable in his role, but when Dick Enberg appeared for ESPN for some post-match analysis, it made me a little sad that he wasn’t still NBC’s main tennis voice. I remember Enberg’s Wimbledon call well for those Borg- and Connors-McEnroe epics. And from what I’ve heard from Enberg’s recent work, there’s no doubt that he could easily still be doing big events for NBC.

NBC drew a 4.6 rating for the match, which is the highest number in eight years for the broadcast. The figure is also up 44 percent from last year’s finals, which ironically featured the same combatants.

ESPN’s Bud Collins to Sports Biz Daily on Federer-Nadal: “I’ve covered 41 finals, including the classics of 1980 and 1981 with (Bjorn) Borg and (John) McEnroe, but this 4 hour, 48 minute final is No. 1.

Ted Robinson John McEnroe

(NBC Wimbledon PBP not the same without Dickie E.)

Collins is another guy, like Enberg, who should’ve never been kicked to the curb. He was plenty lucid in his reportage on ESPN with Luke Jensen, who I also liked.

The NYT’s Sandomir also pins down Joe Buck on comments he made to ESPN Radio about not watching much baseball (among other things) and having to cram to get ready for his FOX games.

Sandomir wrote, “On Thursday, Buck said in an interview from his home in St. Louis that he was joking about his TV habits — even if neither the host nor the guest sounded amused. He was too flippant, he said. And so, a little verbal damage control.

Safe to say Buck heard from Fox Sports TV management about his embarrassing comments made to ESPN Radio’s Colin Cowherd.

Also interesting to note that Sandomir made no mention of the only reason anyone is talking about the comments at all. If it wasn’t for Brian Powell at AWFUL ANNOUNCING posting about the on-air exchange, you can guarantee Buck would’ve been in the clear (I’m guessing Cowherd & Co. don’t look at it that way).

One person who today is probably disappointed with Buck’s backpedal is Kyle Nagel of the DAYTON DAILY NEWS, who columnized after Buck’s comments that the announcer was in the right.

Brewers broadcaster Jim Powell breaks down the C.C. Sabathia deal and the man behind it, Doug Melvin, better than anyone I’ve seen, heard or read.

Forest Griffin playing at the WSOP moments after his UFC win over Rampage Jackson:

Forest Griffin at WSOP

The WASHINGTON POST has the sad news that Wizards Owner Abe Pollin is now confined to a wheelchair “because of progressive supranuclear palsy, a disorder of the brain that impairs movement and balance.”

The 84-year-old Pollin: “(It’s a) horrible disease. But I’m fighting it.

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LSU QB Perrilloux Discovers Osama, Open Bar

President Bush will stand on the White House lawn Monday with the young man that has allegedly discovered “Osama”. However, if LSU Sports Information Director Michael Bonnette has his way, the President will never know and these two ships will pass in the night, never knowing that Bush could have closed his presidency on a high.

Ryan Perrilloux

(There! In the crowd! Osama! Wearing Gator colors!)

Why does Michael Bonnette hate America? Apparently, he doesn’t believe that LSU QB Ryan Perrilloux entered a Kona Grill in Baton Rouge last Sunday with three employees of Crazy Horse Cabaret, plopped down at the bar, and loudly carried on with his group until he realized that his server looked just like Osama bin Laden.

Having spotted the most hated man in America, Perrilloux allegedly shouted “Osama” at the man in a vain attempt to save the country he loves. However, the “Osama”-loving manager eventually threw the four brave Americans out under threat of calling the police.

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