Monday Night Football Promises Actual Football

Imagine that. For a monolithic network famous for its perceived inattentiveness to viewer concerns, ESPN/ABC may finally be listening to its audience. Over the years, the Monday Night Football broadcast booth had been host to a steady stream of politicians, musicians, celebrities and assorted individuals unrelated to the product on the field. That’s changing.

Writes the ORLANDO SENTINEL’s Dave Darling: “ESPN says it has listened to viewers and promises the show will be more about football with fewer distractions this year, dropping the booth visits by everyone from presidential candidates to ABC network stars”

It’s those ABC network stars that probably have most people huffed up. Read more…

Orlando Sentinel Gets Into the WAG Business?

Hey! ORLANDO SENTINEL! We’re lookin’ at you. Over here. C’mere. We got somethin’ we wanna ask you.

So we’ve been lookin’ at your new print design and your obsession with Chris Duhon (hint: any free-agent search that peaks with Chris Duhon probably wasn’t run by Marshal Samuel Gerard) and we noticed you now have a feature we frankly did not expect from a major metropolitan daily in these United States:

Orlando Sentinel's WAG gallery

You’re doing WAGs, ORLANDO SENTINEL? In the sports section? Really? Here we’re hearing nothin’ but how bloggers drink their coffee like this and newspapers drink their coffee like this and how we’re just stealing your content all the time and now we see you’re hornin’ in on our turf.

We’re the dirty basement-dwelling lecherous bloggers and you’re the fine upright newspapers. Now we see you’re posting pictures of Kim Kardashian and Gisele Bundchen and calling it news, too. That don’t seem right, now do it? Now do it?

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