Half-Brother Of El Duque Murdered Five Women

Miami’s EL NUEVO HERALD reports this afternoon that the man responsible for the worst mass murder in the history of the city of Hialeah, Fla., has been identified as the half-brother of former Major League pitcher Orlando “El Duque”‘ Hernandez.

Gerardo Regalado Molina Photos

Authorities have identified Gerardo Regalado, 38 years and half brother of the famous baseball player Orlando “El Duque”Hernandez, as the author of a fierce gunbattle that left five dead, including his girlfriend, on Sunday night at a restaurant in Hialeah.

Regalado apparently committed suicide blocks from the mass killing.

Among those Regalado allegedly gunned down at Yoyito’s Cafe was his girlfriend, Liazan Molina, 24, Hialeah police said.

Regalado is the half-brother of the former New York Yankee pitcher. The two had the same mother.

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The Baseball Effects Of Fidel Castro’s Resignation

USA TODAY has a piece today on the demise of Fidel Castro and how it could affect the talent flow to Major League Baseball.

Fidel Castro and Bud Selig

Castro was noted for his particular baseball obsession, developing national teams over the years that have had major league scouts drooling. There were eight Cuban-born players in the major leagues during the 2007 season; all defectors from the country. Recent defector Alexei Ramirez is expected to join Jose Contreras and Livan and Orlando Hernandez when the White Sox begin play this year.

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