Auburn: “Worst Team Ever in a Major Conference”

Yet to be fitted for my college basketball-watching shoes this season, but after listening to College Basketball RPI guru Jerry Palm today on Finebaum (mp3), I’m fixin’ to pull out the shoehorn.

Auburn Basketball

(war DAYUM eagle)

When asked by Finebaum to analyze the SEC West, Palm, who has tracked back to antiquity the NCAA hoops RPI ranking system so critical to the Big Dance, struck as significant - and historic! - chord as I’ve heard this season.

Palm to Finebaum:

“When you look at the (SEC) West, that’s an unmitigated disaster. There isn’t one good team in the West … Mississippi is remotely competent, but if that division was a league unto itself it would rank below the Ivy League in the College RPI rankings.”

Ranked below the Ivy League? Hard to imagine it can get any worse than that.

Unless you’re Auburn, that is.


“Auburn might be the worst team ever in a major conference. Or at least in the last generation in a major conference, not just the SEC.”

When discussing Alabama’s remote chances of snagging an at-large bid to the NCAA tournament, Finbaum asked Palm, “so when you beat a team like Auburn, even on the road, does it do you any good or are you better off not even playing?


“You can’t help it because they’re in your league. As good as Auburn is in football, the team is that bad in basketball. They’re the worst major conference team in a generation. This is my 19th year that I’ve been tracking the RPI and when you look at the big six conferences, Auburn has a chance to be the worst team in the RPI probably by 40 or 50 spots over the last 20 years from a major conference. That’s how bad they are. They are dreadful. The numbers don’t lie.” 

Palm went on to say that if the NCAA tournament began today, five SEC East teams would make March Madness while exactly zero SEC West teams would be so privileged.

South Carolina is the only team in the SEC East according to Palm that might not be invited to the Big Dance. Though Palm said of the Gamecocks, “they might be good enough to win the SEC West but the problem is they’re the sixth best team in the (SEC) East.

So when Palm talks about Auburn vying for the title of worst college basketball team in major conference history, who are the Tigers up against?

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Oregon Football: 6-Story, $41 Million New Facility

Today the University of Oregon unveiled plans for a new, six-story building that will serve exclusively as the headquarters for the school’s football program.

(Wait, isn’t this where they invented the iPod?)

The building, which reportedly will cost $41 million, will be donated by Phil Knight after construction of the project is completed. The facility includes:

  • Nine dedicated football position meeting rooms
  • Two team video theaters Offense and defense strategy rooms
  • Larger conference suite for the entire coaching staff.
  • Players’ lounge
  • Recruiting center to host prospective student-athletes
  • Dedicated areas to accommodate professional scouts
  • Media interview room
  • Advanced video editing and distribution center
  • State of the art laptop serial number removal soldering station

Okay, I made the last one up.


The entire project will be privately funded through the philanthropy of Phil and Penny Knight and will include no use of public, state or general university fund dollars. Construction is expected to get underway after the first of the year, with the anticipated completion targeted for the summer of 2013.

My favorite part of the Oregon press release about the new football facility is the mention of the new lacrosse stadium that will also be constructed as part of the project. Read more…

Oregon State Paints Practice Field Blue For Boise

In preparation for a visit to Boise State this Saturday, Oregon State head football coach Mike Riley Tweeted a photo of his team’s practice field at the Tommy Prothro Football Complex in Corvallis, Ore., being painted blue: “Getting the practice field ready for Boise State.

Oregon State paints practice field blue in prep for Boise State

George Schroeder of the EUGENE (OR) REGISTER-GUARD reports, “Oregon State’s temporarily blue practice field required 440 gallons of paint (a white coat, then blue).”

Oregon State paints practice field blue in prep for Boise State


At $25 gallon, that’s an $11,000 paint job. UPDATE: Schroeder now reporting, “180 gallons, diluted to 440.“($4,500, plus labor.) The money for the paint and labor came, according to Schroeder, from an “anonymous donor.

Boise State is well-known for its blue field, which was first installed at Broncos Stadium in 1986 and most recently replaced last summer.

Here’s some video of the blue practice field from Oregon State sports site Read more…

Audio: TCU’s Gary Patterson On Ass-Less Chaps

Jay Christensen of via Jimmy Traina at’s Hot Clicks via Jim Beseda of the PORTLAND OREGONIAN has the delightful highlights of a media conference call Tuesday involving Oregon State Coach Mike Riley and TCU Coach Gary Patterson as they discussed their Sept. 4 season opener at Cowboy Stadium in Dallas.

Gary Patterson asked about ass-less chaps

Beseda was nice enough to transcribe what happened and Jay Christensen came through huge with the audio.

Operator: “We’ll go next to Amy Cummings with Rawhide Nation Sports Blog.”

Blogger: “Hey, coaches. Uhh, Coach Riley, whose team has the most arrests, you guys or the Oregon Ducks?” Read more…

Oregon St. Loses By 51 To Conference-Less Team

Normally this space isn’t reserved for reporting on Oregon State basketball. That is, unless the school hires someone like Michelle Obama’s brother to run the team. But after the Beavers’ awe-inspiring performance last night, I thought I’d make an exception.

Craig Robinson's Oregon State Beavers lost at home to Seattle U. by 51

Craig Robinson’s Oregon State squad last night was savaged by conference-less Seattle University 99-48 in Corvallis. The Redhawks, a longtime Division II entry, have been turned down by the West Coach Conference for membership and won’t be eligible for Division I NCAA tournament play for three years.

So what’s the reax in Oregon today? Don’t ask.

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Re-Gifting To The Oregon Ducks Fans Among You

As Oregon State was getting torn to shreds by BYU Tuesday night in the Las Vegas Bowl, ESPN provided us with this delightful interlude, via LBSports, starring Oregon State running backs and brothers Jacquizz Rodgers and James Rodgers:

Jacquizz and James Rodgers Perform Cirque de Soleil In Las Vegas

(Chip Kelly already in editing bay cueing up a new recruiting video)

Like I’m supposed to know?

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Video: Cal’s Jahvid Best Lands On Neck After Leap

Cal running back Jahvid Best made an ugly landing on his neck after an unbelievable leap over an Oregon State defender for a touchdown tonight.

Jahvid Best Injury Video Lands On His Neck

Best was attended to by doctors for a prolonged period on the field before being immobilized on a stretcher.

The AP reports:

Best’s helmet came off on impact. He vaulted into the air over safety Cameron Collins. Paramedics removed his jersey and Best was on oxygen when carted away.

Not a good sign. Hopefully oxygen is precautionary.

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Week In Review: NFL Boaters Missing, 1 Survives

• The sad stories surrounding the ill-fated Florida Gulf Coast boat trip of Corey Smith, Marquis Cooper, Nick Schuyler and Will Bleakley.

Corey Smith Marquis Cooper Nick Schuyler Will Bleakley

• Bouncy British babe Chantelle Houghton just can’t trust soccer stud Jermain Defoe & his amorous past.

• Speaking of sports across the Pond, many Englishmen prefer their women to wear their favorite team’s jersey to bed rather than nothing at all.

• Speaking of jerseys, crooks now using uniform numbers as criminal code.

Digger Phelps cuts a rug with a couple of Cal cheerleaders.

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Clever Caption Contest: Danger, Craig Robinson!

Hey readers! It’s time for another sensational SbB Clever Caption Contest!

Today we bounce along a snapshot of Craig Robinson, Oregon State Beavers men’s basketball coach and brother-in-law of Barack Obama:

Craig Robinson Oregon State Beavers

In what hilarious and/or thought-provoking way would you describe this scene? Submit your suggestions into the comments section linked below. Winner will be announced in the end-of-the-day recap.

Good luck and good writing!

Will The Village People’s Halftime Show Top Hoff?

In terms of halftime shows for mediocre bowl games, the gauntlet has been thrown down. The Las Vegas Bowl fired the first shot by announcing that David Hasselhoff would be bringing his unique vocal talents to their extravaganza. But Sun Bowl organizers have followed that up with a bombshell announcement of their own: The Village People will be performing at halftime.

The Village People

That’s right, the group that brought you such hits as “In The Navy” and “Go West” will be thrilling the crowds who are too drunk or sleepy to head out to the concession stand. Of course, the band was chosen for their connection to the city of El Paso and their background with the traditional … wait, I was thinking of Marty Robbins, and he’s been dead for 25 years. I have no idea what The Village People have to do with El Paso other than being affordable.

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