Reports: Tiger Considers Oprah Couch Confession

With six women reported to have had alleged affairs with Tiger Woods, there are multiple reports out tonight that Tiger Woods may be seriously considering a Hail Mary confessional on the Oprah Winfrey Show in an attempt to salvage whatever credibility he has left with the public.

Tiger Woods considers confesses on Oprah Winfrey Show

(Oprah: Tiger’s last (and best) chance to cut his losses?)

Victoria Ward of LONDON DAILY MIRROR sources: “The golfing star’s team of lawyers and PR advisers are desperate for Woods to spill the beans on Oprah’s sofa, possibly alongside his devastated wife Elin.”

Nigel Pauley of LONDON DAILY STAR sources: “The disgraced superstar golfer is considering an “enticing” offer to appear on Oprah Winfrey’s top-rated chat show.”

And Philip Sherwell of the SYDNEY MORNING HERALD sources: “The Oprah strategy is under discussion in Camp Tiger as a series of tawdry new claims emerge about Woods’ alleged infidelities after he admitted unspecified ”transgressions” and ‘’sins” last week.

Those speculative reports come after Rob Shuter of AOL gossip website reported last Thursday: “Matt Lauer, Barbara Walters and Larry King’s people have all called, but only lady O has personally reached out.

What is Tiger’s best course of action from here?

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YOU Get An Olympics! And YOU Get An Olympics!

The city of Chicago has spent the past year (at least) being repeatedly hit over the head with propaganda extolling the city’s bid for the 2016 Summer Olympics. Advertisements are everywhere - unless you’ve seen it yourself, you cannot possibly fathom how saturated the city is. There are recorded messages on the ‘L’, banners on seemingly every other building, and commercials looping on giant video boards around The Loop, just to nail a few. It’s all got a very Orwellian vibe to it and at this point, most people you talk to around town just want it to go away, Olympics or no Olympics.

Oprah Winfrey Olympics Chicago

Then again, most people you talk to around town aren’t the ones pushing for the Games. The rich and powerful have lined up to throw their formidable support behind Chicago’s bid - President Obama, Mayor Daley, Michael Jordan - basically every Chicago heavyweight you can name has done something to ensure that the overblown steroidfest comes to the Windy City in 7 years. And now, with the race for the Games coming to a close October 2 in Copenhagen, Chicago is pulling out the trump card to trump all trump cards.

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Andrews Vastly Underestimates Media Miscreants

Watched Erin Andrews‘ interview on Oprah today, which was shoehorned between two other interviews on the show.

Erin Andrews on Oprah

When it was first made public that Andrews would appear on Oprah, I wrote a piece questioning her motivation. If she wanted the whole thing to go away, why introduce the story to millions who didn’t previously know about it?

After the watch, my take-away is different. Much different. Read more…

Week In Review: Erin A. To Huddle Up With Oprah

Erin Andrews wants to put that whole terrible peephole incident behind her - that’s why she’s going on Oprah.

• What better way to get pumped up for the college football season than with our first look at the USC Song Girls.

Tony Romo’s back with another blonde bombshell, as the Cowboys QB is supposedly smitten with Dallas sports TV reporter Candice Crawford.

• Why should you watch coverage of Kansas vs. Northern Colorado on Saturday? Because Samantha Steele will be working the sidelines.

• Want to tell the Chicago Bears coaching staff that you’d love to make the final roster but don’t know how? Say it with flowers.

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EA: Plz Allow Me To Stop Writing About Nude Vids

A little perplexed at the news out yesterday that Erin Andrews will be appearing on Oprah Winfrey’s Sept. 11 show to discuss the nude videos of her that appeared on the internet. Yes, it’s a horrific thing that happened, and something you would assume Andrews’ would want to rid her psyche of as soon as possible.

Erin Andrews

(Don’t want to write about Andrews’ nude vids anymore? Not yet, kiddo)

So why then is she going on Oprah to discuss the nude videos in front of an audience numbering in the tens of millions, the majority of whom have never heard of Erin Andrews? In other words, news of the videos will be introduced to countless more millions who otherwise wouldn’t have known they existed.

Will Oprah appearance increase interest in Erin Andrews’ nude videos?

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Cathartic? Doesn’t sound like it. Opposite Day? Yep. Read more…

Let Us Rejoice: Erin And Oprah, Together At Last

What happens when an irresistible sports broadcasting babe meets an immovable media icon? Hold onto somtehing, because the space-time continuum may show visible cracks on Sept. 11 when Erin Andrews is scheduled to appear on “Oprah.”

Yes, it’s true: Andrews is going to talk about the infamous hotel peephole incident - and according to her attorney, it will be the only in-depth comments she will make on the subject. To which Oprah will no doubt reply: “Girl, that’s messed up!” And now, Erin’s jumping on Oprah’s couch! Oh no. Stop it, Erin. Oh, my …

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Half of Richest African-Americans Linked to Sport

A recent FORBES ranking shows that despite the real and perceived advances in the last generation, 10 of the 20 wealthiest African-Americans have a strong relationship to sports, either as a player or an owner.  Oprah Winfrey, as expected, leads the list by a long shot, garnering $2.7 billion through shrewd investment and media moguling.

David Lettermam Oprah Winfrey Super Bowl

(”I could buy and sell you with my Dr. Phil profits alone”)

However, Tiger Woods follows at $600 million and growing.  From there, Robert Johnson (Charlotte Bobcats owner) and Michael Jordan (Bobcats president) lead a procession that implies the best way to become a wealthy black man is still to hit the gym or own one.

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Phelps Booted From Motivational Speaking Gig

After being suspended from swimming for a few months, Michael Phelps probably figured, no big deal, at least I’ve got the public speaking circuit to occupy my time. Well not anymore. A mere three weeks after SbB brought it up, The Power Within realized that perhaps someone in the news for smoking weed may not qualified to motivate people.

Michael Phelps motivational speaker?

I’m not sure I buy their logic, because I’ve seen stoned people go to great lengths to find an open Taco Bell at 4 am, and if that’s not motivation, I don’t know what is. So now Phelps has nothing to do until his first swim meet in May, and that’s asking for trouble. Because when you’re bored, what else is there to do other than hang around at a friend’s house and smoke pot?

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Carano Almost as Influential as Oprah & Angelina

Let’s play the old Sesame Street game “Which one of these things is not like the other?”: Angelina Jolie, Sarah Palin, Oprah Winfrey, Hillary Clinton, Gina Carano. If you guessed Carano, congratulations! You just picked out the least likely member of the “Top 5 most influential women” in, well, just about ever.

carano pink

(Yup. Looks like Top 5 quality to us.)

Carano, easily the best looking fighter ever, catapulted from complete anonymity into the Top 10 of YAHOO! BUZZ’s annual list of most influential women. In fact, she not only made the list, she made the top 5. Sure, Carano got plenty of eyeballs on her as “Crush” on “American Gladiators”, and also probably in part of being one half of the first-ever primetime female fight. Still, we’re betting that her looks have something to do with it, no?

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Shaq’s New Twitter Page Is Completely Insane

Apparently, someone decided it would be funny to make Twitter posts pretending to be Shaquille O’Neal. Apparently, the Big Aristotle got wind of this and wasn’t pleased. But he decided to take the proactive approach and start Twittering himself (which sounds gross). As found by ALANA G - his screen name? THE_REAL_SHAQ. (Yes, it is The Real Shaq - we’ve confirmed it). And the results are as hilarious as you would expect them to be.

Shaquille O'Neal's Twitter page

If you aren’t familiar with Twitter, it’s a microblogging site - basically, you can post short updates from your cell phone or computer. Needless to say, if you’re someone as generally daffy as Shaq (or as he says in his Twitter bio, are “VERY QUOTATIOUS”), this has limitlessc comedy potential. Take his most recent post:

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