What The World Needs Now Is Glove, Sweet Glove

Political cable TV shows tend to give me a headache; they’re pointless, absurdly partisan, and my dog refuses to stay in the house when one is on. I’ve also used Bill O’Reilly’s voice to drive raccoons from beneath my house (sorry, PETA). But once in a while their posturing can be beneficial and result in good, clean fun.

Rachel Maddow

Cable pundits have long known that any heartwarming story connected to our fighting men overseas is good for ratings. And that goes for the Iraqi citizenry as well, apparently; especially when it involves literally exporting our national pastime to them. And so we learn that as of Monday, Iraq’s National Baseball Team only had one uniform (a Japanese one), and nine gloves for about 18 players. And three baseballs. But don’t worry — MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow is coming to the rescue! Read more…