Carumba, Omar Vizquel Wants To Be A Bullfighter

When last we left Omar Vizquel during the off season, he was wrestling anacondas. This year following the Texas Rangers’ World Series appearance (laugh track), Vizquel wants to climb into the ring with a larger opponent.

Omar Vizquel

In a conflict as old as mammals themselves, it will be American League infielder vs. bull in a struggle for survival. Vizquel wants to learn to be a matador when he returns to his native Venezuela later this month. Your move, PETA. Read more…

Blog Jam: It’s Never Too Early To Talk Song Girls

  • BUSTED COVERAGE introduces us to Lindsey (on the left), their early favorite for this season’s USC Song Girl of the Year.
  • USC Song Girl Lindsey

  • BUGS AND CRANKS pays a buck for a CD that includes Omar Vizquel’s priceless rendition of the Goo Goo Dolls single, “Broadway”. I don’t know what’s more surprising in that sentence - Vizquel singing the Goo Goo Dolls, or that someone still pays for CDs.
  • The Phillies fought back from a 5-2 deficit in the ninth to beat the Mets 8-6 in the first of a three-game showdown for first place in the NL East. But some writer at NEW YORK MAGAZINE named Will Leitch says this is no rivalry series.
  • NEWS.COM.AU tells us a dozen are injured at a bull fight in Colombia. However, the bull had nothing to do with it. The video evidence to prove it is after the jump. Read more…