Amanda Beard On Phelps Prospects: “Ewww, No!”

Remember those rumors that Amanda Beard was romantically linked to Ocho Oros himself, Michael Phelps? Consider them squashed. Phelps flatly denied them, while Beard went a step further, basically acting like the high school prom queen when asked if she made out with the president of the A/V Club.

Michael Phelps Amanda Beard

MSNBC.COM reports that Beard was a guest on something called “The Johnjay and Rich Show” (which undoubtedly involves some sort of “zany morning zoo crew”), and was asked about the romantic reports.

Her response? “Ewww, no!

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Phelps Adds Frosted Flakes To Endorsement Plate

Guessing who was going to be on the Wheaties box after each Olympic Games has turned into a tradition. It’s one of the defining honors an athlete can receive, staking their claim as the America’s Olympic Hero. It’s also a great marketing ploy for General Mills, as they receive tons of free advertising and are associated with the hot sports star of the moment. And even though we’re only midway through the Beijing Games, it was clear that the big star of these games was Michael Phelps, making him almost a lock for the Wheaties cover.

Michael Phelps with Natalie Coughlin and Katie Hoff

It turns out you can throw that out the window - apparently Mr. Ocho Oros is too good for Wheaties.

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Michael Phelps’ iPod Behind His Gold Medal Run?

This sounds like a scheme you might hatch when all other options have been exhausted (and it’s painfully obvious that you have absolutely no chance of legitimately winning a gold medal): Accuse Michael Phelps of iPod doping.

Michael Phelps' iPod

Wait, what?

That’s exactly the argument several “scientists” are making based on research that included forcing lab rats to don headphones and swim laps in a miniature pool*. Read more…

Seychelles Swimmer Ready To Face Phelps in 2012

Of all the potential threats to Michael Phelps‘ swimming dominance, a teenage swimmer from the Seychelles probably ranks somewhere below “low-calorie diet” and “broken goggles.” But Dwayne Benjamin Didon thinks that Michael Phelps and the rest of the world should get ready for him to dominate the 2012 Summer Games in London.

Young Seychelles swimmer

He may only be 13, but he appears to have the hubris of a French swimmer twice his age, if his comments to the AP are any indication:

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Swimmer’s Olympic Chances Sink After Drug Test

Even though the Olympics are still around the corner, the real excitement of the Summer Games is already upon us as the first positive drug tests start to roll in. Today’s elimination: 21-year-old breaststroke specialist Jessica Hardy.

Jessica Hardy

(I’ll take one banned stimulant, please.)

According to the LOS ANGELES TIMES, Hardy, a one-time 100m breaststroke world-record holder & world champ in the non-Olympic 50m breaststroke, tested positive for the banned stimulant clenbuterol, a drug prescribed to people with breathing disorders. Whether or not Hardy actually has a breathing problem or just wants to achieve the underwater lung capacity of Aquaman is unknown. Read more…