Olympic Journo Dines On Animal … Um … “Parts”

Garry Linnell is a man who doesn’t mess around. The Australian reporter for THE DAILY TELEGRAPH wouldn’t pussyfoot around his assignment to go to the Olympics Games and eat four kinds of animal penis.

Garry Linnell eats sheep penis

Linnell opted not for the Bloomin’ Onion (we like to stereotype here, stick with us) but instead for a meal at Guolizhuang, a restaurant that specializes in the slicing, cooking, and overpricing of male reproductive organs of certain animals. Each one, legend has it, gives the consumer some kind of medicinal advantage. And when you think about it, in a way, vomiting does cleanse the system of all the badness. So maybe they’re on to something. But which one did Linnell like the best? Read more…