Thunder Say OKC Is A Windblown Wasteland

Oklahoma City fans are so paranoid about their team. They ought to relax, since the Thunder are locked into a nice long lease. And owner Clay Bennett would never think about breaking a lease…

Oklahoma City

Okay, let’s start this over. Oklahoma City is so defensive about being considered a major league sports city (spoiler alert: it’s not), that in their big post-season wrap-up, THE OKLAHOMAN makes sure to ask each player their likes and dislikes about the city. While the pros range from “there’s no traffic” to “no one bothers me for autographs” to “there’s very little traffic,” all the players agree on what they hate about the OKC:

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New Orleans Hornets Set Record For Smallest Home Game Attendance

HORNETS BACK IN THE BIG EASY, BUT DO THE FANS CARE?: Someone forgot to tell the good people of New Orleans that the Hornets aren’t in Oklahoma City anymore:

Oklahoma City Hornets Midcourt

The TIMES-PICAYUNE bounces news that pro basketball in the Bayou is having the same troubles with attendance as the NHL squads.Only 9,187 souls showed up for last Friday’s contest vs. the Oden-less Portland Trail Blazers, setting a new record for smallest attendance at a New Orleans Hornets home game.

The tiny crowd at the 18,000-seat New Orleans Arena was the lowest in the Hornets’ six-year stay on the banks of the Mississippi.

New Orleans Hornets cheerleader mascot dunk

But coach Byron Scott isn’t going to let a little thing like empty seats spoil his fun: “The thing I love about this team is they play for each other. They were on the bench standing and cheering for each other. We’re going to create our own enthusiasm as much as we can.”There’s an idea - maybe if fans were offered some roster spots, more people would show up.

SbB Girls Seattle Hendrix statue

In the meantime, what’s Hornets owner George Shinn to do? Well, we hear there’s a space in Seattle opening up. And don’t think Georgie wouldn’t buzz out of town, since he’s done it once before.