Swimsuit Issue Comes Early For Ohio. Univ Baller

While the rest of us wait, apparently Ohio University basketball player D.J. Cooper’s swimsuit issue came early this year:

Ohio Univ. basketball player D.J. Cooper wearing a swimsuit

Thanks for that.

Jenn Brown asked to be in SI Swimsuit Issue

Somehow I had someone different in mind.

Ohio Hoopster Impresses Girls By Shooting Them

I’ve been through college, and one of the many things I learned was that when you’re trying to impress some ladies in the dorm it’s best that you don’t shoot them, even if it is only with an Airsoft gun.

Maurice Pearson

Ohio University basketball player Maurice Pearson was found guilty of aggravated menacing and assault after firing soft pellets at two Delta Gamma sorority members. Airsoft guns are low-power guns that shoot pellets that sting, but don’t pierce the skin. However, many Airsoft guns look like real guns, which is probably where the whole menacing thing came into play.

It’s just the latest in a string of odd incidents involving athletes at the school.

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Without Beanie, Buckeyes Barely Beat Bobcats

Even with the excuse of having Chris “Beanie” Wells sitting out the game with a foot injury, the fact that Ohio State needed a pair of fourth-quarter touchdowns to pull out a 26-14 victory over Ohio on Saturday is pretty shocking. Especially considering the following facts:

Ohio State vs Ohio

  • Ohio committed six turnovers
  • They were playing with their back-up quarterback for most of the game after their starter was knocked out early
  • Ohio’s head coach is Frank Solich, a man whose tenure as Nebraska head coach was so disastrous that Husker faithful actually thought Bill Callahan was a better option

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Brett Favre Is Quite The Cash Cow For The Jets

• Even without playing yet, Broadway Brett has already paid big dividends for the Jets - just ask the jersey clerks & ticket sellers.

Brett Favre Jets jerseys for sale

• Was Manny Ramirez bagging it before being booted from Boston?

• The Bengals bring some joy to an injured Iraq veteran, and vice versa.

Magic Johnson cheers up the Cowboys, but brings down the Mavs.

• Portland citizens are p.o.’ed over Converse’s guerrilla poster campaign.

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College Lineman Collects $250,000 In Lottery Win

After years of back-and-forth regarding the morality of universities sticking their students through the meat grinder of collegiate sports while the schools themselves are the lone profiteers, the NCAA finally relented and gave their student-athletes a way to make some extra money: Win the lottery.

Mike Eynon Ohio Bobcats Mega Millions

Mike Eynon, offensive lineman for the Ohio Bobcats, is the first such student-athlete to take advantage of this supplemental income bonus after matching five numbers in Tuesday night’s Ohio Mega Millions drawing, earning a cool quarter-million in the process.

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