You + Wedgie - Lunch Money = Canadian Mathlete

While we’re hardly traditionalists at SbB (we support, for example, the implementation of rocket-propelled grenades in baseball), we do have a certain reverence for the Olympics and all they stand for. While we don’t want them to go back to the all-nude affairs of ancient Greece (again, not traditionalists here), we do think that there’s been some rather unconscionable decisions recently about including new Olympic sports. Judo? Fine. Synchronized diving? Uh, we guess? But certainly there’s no way that the words “olympics” and “math” can be put together, right? Um, right?! …uh oh.

Special math olympics
(The Math Olympics sure are special.)

Yes, according to the WINDSOR STAR, those crazy northerners are holding Olympics for kids who are good with numbers. We can’t imagine they’re, ahem, handing out too many condoms at those. But at long last, Canada, have you no shame? Must you sully athletics with that extra “m” at the beginning? Read more…