Beisel Brings Home Another Barely-Clothed Beauty

• Arizona Cardinals linebacker Monty Beisel trades in a scantily clad blonde model for another scantily clad blonde model.

Amanda Carraway Jennifer England

Martin Brodeur becomes the all-time winningest goalie in NHL history.

Georges St. Pierre beats B.J. Penn, Mama Penn fights back in court.

• NBA & WBC officials won’t put up with that kind of attitude, young man!

• On your feet - here comes your George Steinbrenner Warriors!

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Steelers Win Wild XLIII; No Review On Last Play?

Well, those last 10 minutes were some kind of insane, weren’t they? In a game that went from snoozefest to slugfest down the wire, the Steelers were the last team standing, winning 27-23 after a last-minute touchdown grab by Santonio Holmes that will undoubtedly rank among the best plays in Super Bowl history.

Holmes Winning Catch

Holmes’ grab, seen above, came with just 35 seconds on the clock, wiping out a remarkable comeback by the Cardinals that had been capped by an insane 73-yard touchdown pass from Kurt Warner to Larry Fitzgerald Jr. Now, we assumed that would be the final score, since we and the Warners always thought that comebacks were kind of Jesus’s “thing,” you know. And really, the comeback card was still in play… until game officials took it off the table with just five ticks on the clock. Read more…

Delaware Soccer Player Takes A Bite Out Of Ref

Usually, soccer hooliganism is restricted to Europeans, since most of us on this side of the pond couldn’t be bothered to get that riled up. However, as you get ready to watch the Netherlands take on Russia in the Euro 2008 quarters, consider this story out of Delaware where one player objected to a red card in a fairly aggressive manner.

Soccer Player Biting Ref

Most players are likely to give the ref a piece of his or her mind when tossed, but Philly’s WCAU NBC 10 reports that New Castle County police arrested a man named Rannord A. Jones after he decided to object to an unsportsmanlike conduct call with even more unsportsmanlike conduct: biting the ref in the face.

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Oregon State AD Ranting About Pac-10 Officiating

BEAVERS A.D. RAISING BIG STINK ABOUT U-DUB GAME REFS: Mike Leach isn’t the only one upset about last weekend’s officiating. Oregon State’s AD also had a few things to say about the refs:

Bob De Carolis Oregon State Beavers

The PORTLAND OREGONIAN hears word that Bob De Carolis was still fuming about questionable calls during the Beavers’ game against Washington.The OSU AD was so angry about the penalty calling, that he wants the entire officiating crew suspended. But De Carolis was particulary incensed at the replay officials, especially after this play:

Late in the game, Beavers running back Yvenson Bernard appeared to have scored a TD to ice a victory over the Huskies. But field officials ruled the play as a fumble, and a Washington defender ran the ball out.Oregon State couldn’t challenge the play, since they were out of timeouts. But in a lot of collegiate cases, the replay booth itself can call an official review of a controversial play. However, the booth didn’t make a call, allowing the Huskies to get off a snap and rendering a replay request pointless.

Benny the Beaver Oregon State

De Carolis ranted, “The inability (of the review) judge to push the button and stop play is just flat-out wrong and unfair. And I think that person should be held accountable. A letter of reprimand doesn’t get it for me.”Fortunately for Bob and the Beaver faithful, Oregon State managed to hold on for the win. But De Carolis might want to be careful how far he goes with his critical comments. Texas Tech coach Leach didn’t back down, and is now $10,000 poorer for it.

Oregon Oklahoma football

Replay controversies and Oregon football just seem to go together. At least De Carolis did’t want the game to be stricken from the record books, unlike some Oklahoma university presidents.