UCF Loses to Miami, But Totally Flips Off Crowd

ATTENTION READERS: you may want to leave the room or visit another, friendlier site, because the image we’re going to show you is disturbing. We’ve done the best we can to remove the most offensive parts of it so that it’s fit for consumption by the hardiest of souls, but even knowing the hate that went behind these gestures is enough to make most people lose their dinner. Press on, if you dare.

Middle Finger Babies

Oh God, no! The horror, the horror!

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Sunglass Hut May Be Getting Some Business Soon

BUSTED COVERAGE has this poignant moment between Goose Gossage and his fellow Yankee coaches at Spring Training in Tampa:

Goose Gossage Flips Off The Fans

Caption from the photo, found on Flickr.com: “Notice the placement of the fingers. Someone on the coaching staff was throwing some standard baseball insults after he signed autographs for about 30 minutes and talked to the fans.

Either that, or someone’s going to be hitting Sunglass Hut after today’s split-squad against the Orioles.

Message To Kurds Massing On Turkey’s Border?

Last time Mehmet Okur caught our eye, he was partying with Andrei Kirilenko (and someone who wasn’t Andrei’s wife, in a rather demonstrative position).

Mehmet Okur Flips The Bird

Now Matt Watson of AOL FANHOUSE has a pointer to another memorable Mehmet moment, this time as he digitizes his feelings during a recent Clippers-Jazz game at Staples Center.

No one, including the SALT LAKE TRIBUNE, was really sure who the Turk was aiming the bird at. We’re guessing it was a psychosomatic reaction to what he was thinking about Jerry Sloan at that moment. Or maybe those dratted Kurds as they mass on Turkey’s border (ok, it’s probably not that).