VERIFIED ACCOUNT Of MLB Pitcher’s Single Life

Here’s a delightful photo Oakland A’s pitcher Brett Anderson Tweeted to his followers last Thursday from this Twitter account:

Brett Anderson Twitter Photo With Women And Money In Cleveland Oakland A's Pitcher

Perhaps not surprisingly, the defecation hit the oscillation with his Oakland A’s employers soon thereafter. Read more…

Moneyballer: Superfat Actor Can’t Have My Name

I’ve less than no interest in Hollywood’s hilariously impossible attempt to capture  Moneyball as a feature film - until now. Bad enough we’re required to buy Brad Pitt as Billy Beane, but now comes this newly-released photo of former A’s manager Art Howe being played by … wait for itPhilip Seymour Hoffman.

Art Howe and Philip Seymour Hoffman

(Works for me!)

It gets better. Much, MUCH better. Read more…

Dude Who Quit Oakland A’s For Priesthood Speaks

Grant Desme, the Oakland A’s prospect who recently gave up baseball to consider entering the priesthood, guested on the nationally-syndicated Dan Patrick radio show today.

Grant Desme

One of many interesting and somewhat quizzical comments from Desme to Patrick:

It was, um, I could just tell from prayer. Praying is just…especially after having such a…I mean, God blessed me with an amazing season and an even better fall league. And it just wasn’t, wasn’t it. I mean, I wasn’t really at peace with it, and I could tell, I felt like God was calling me to more, especially after having a really successful season. I really felt like if that was where God wanted me to be, I would have been at peace with it and really content.

I can’t even begin to wrap my head around why Desme made his decision. His comments to Patrick about leaving baseball for the priesthood left me a lot more questions than answers.

We’ve transcribed the complete interview after the jump and you can go here for audio.

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Tebow Draft Status Might’ve Just Fallen Off a Cliff

Jon Paul Morosi of reports today:

Grant Desme

(Video highlights)

Outfielder Grant Desme, one of the Oakland A’s top prospects, has decided to retire from baseball in order to pursue the priesthood. An A’s official confirmed Desme’s decision this morning, saying the 23-year-old is “serious” about the big career change.

After batting .288 with 31 home runs in 131 games in A-ball last year, Desme opened eyes with stellar play in the Arizona Fall League, where he won the prospect-laden league MVP award. Baseball America currently has him pegged as the #8 prospect in the A’s chain.

He played so well in the fall that the A’s were seriously considering inviting him to major league spring training this season.

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Shawn Chacon In Gambling/Bowling-Related Arrest

When last we left pitcher Shawn Chacon, he had “accidentally” choked Houston Astros general manager Ed Wade, and threw him to the ground. As would happen to you or me, that got him released and banished to the Newark Bears, where he played until signing a Single-A contract with the Oakland A’s on June 18.

Shawn Chacon

Well now, more fun! Chacon was arrested on Monday night at a bowling alley in Colorado in connection with $50,000 in unpaid gambling debts in Las Vegas. Let those who have never been arrested in a bowling alley for Vegas gambling debts throw the first stone. Read more…

Fan Challenges Cops To Game Of Taser, Loses

When going to watch your favorite baseball team in an opposing team’s stadium, there are a couple things to keep in mind as an away fan. If you’re wearing your team’s jersey, expect to be heckled. Your reaction to the heckling determines whether you’ll have a fun time or end up with a beer spilled on you or worse. It’s generally a good idea to keep the massive drinking down to a minimum as well - if the home team’s fans are famously hostile, you’ve gotta keep your head on a swivel, just in case. Stay aware of these things and you’ll have a great time in any city, even if your team’s the enemy.


These helpful guidelines unfortunately come a day late for one Texas Rangers fan who attended last night’s A’s-Rangers game in Oakland. Being drunkenly belligerent to the home team’s fans is asking trouble in and of itself - taunting Oakland fans is always a dicey proposition. But taunting the police who show up to escort you from the premises? Yep, that’s a Tasing.

(Video after the jump.)

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That “Moneyball” Movie Is Back On, Apparently

If you’re anything like us, you were probably devastated to learn that the Moneyball movie had lost its funding at the last second, mainly because the idea of Brad Pitt as a general manager who uses Bloomin’ Onions to seduce waitresses is spectacularly hilarious. Luckily, we have good news.

Bloomin Onion
(A little yonic, don’t you think? No? Maybe we’re just perverts.)

As FILMDRUNK reports, the movie’s back in the works, albeit with some changes. For example, instead of being about baseball, it’s about the financial aspects of midget wrestling instead. Okay, no it isn’t. But it should be.

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Lawyer Wins Landmark A’s Floppy Sun Hat Case

Alfred G. Rava, the Grinch Who Stole Mother’s Day, is $50 richer this week after winning a discrimination lawsuit he brought against the Oakland A’s. Rava was miffed after the A’s gave out floppy Mother’s Day sun hats during a 2004 promotion, and he didn’t get one. Oh, did I mention that Rava is a lawyer?

A judge has given preliminary approval to a $510,000 settlement for those who can prove that they were among the first 7,500 fans attending that game, and didn’t get a hat. Claimants will receive $50 each, two-for-one A’s tickets and a $25 Macy’s coupon — plus the comforting knowledge that ESPN’s Rick Reilly has written a column about the whole thing. That latter is as good as currency in El Salvador and Maldives.

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Former Big League Deadbeat Dad Faces The Music

I don’t know who has a more miserable Father’s Day: Jelena Dokic or the kids of former big leaguer Troy Neel. Sure, Dokic’s dad might have been overbearing, insane and quite possibly abusive, but at least he was there. Versus Neel’s two children, whose father has not only not been around, but has been hiding out living on a Polynesian island to avoid making more than $760,000 in child support payments.

Troy Neel

But the SAN ANTONIO EXPRESS-NEWS says that Neel has finally been caught, and will plead guilty today in a San Antonio courtroom. Neel played for three years for the Oakland A’s, and then moved on to make a nice career for himself in Japan. But as part of a settlement from a divorce in 1997, Neel was ordered to pay $5,000 a month in child support for his two children.

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Angels-A’s Game Postponed After Adenhart Death

In the wake of Nick Adenhart’s tragic death, tonight’s game between the L.A. Angels of Anaheim and Oakland Athletics has been postponed.

Nick Adenhart Killed In Hit and Run Accident

After conferring with Angels owner Arte Moreno, MLB commissioner Bud Selig decided to cancel the game after Andrew Thomas Gallo allegedly ran a red light & slammed his minivan into Adenhart’s car, causing a crash that killed the 22-year-old pitcher & two other passengers.

Upon announcing the cancellation, Selig released the following statement:

“Major League Baseball is in mourning today upon the news of this tragedy that has taken Angels pitcher Nick Adenhart and two others. Nick was just 22 years of age, with a wonderful life and career ahead of him.

“On behalf of Major League Baseball, I extend my sincere sympathy to the families and friends of all three victims and to the entire Angels’ organization. I send my deepest condolences to Nick’s parents, Jim and Janet. The hearts of everyone in baseball are with them at this most difficult time.”

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