Naked Vaulting Champ Lets Pole Fly Free In Paris

How does a pole vaulting champion draw attention to himself when his sponsorship deal expires? Personally, I would go the route of vaulting over a 20-foot long pit of alligators, piranhas and sharks, but I’m American: everything begins and ends with Evel Knievel. But Romain Mesnil went a different, decidedly more Continental route: streaking.

Romain Mesnil

REUTERS says that the French vaulter and 2007 World Championship silver medalist took matters into his own hands after losing his sponsorship deal with Nike. He decided to go running naked through the streets of Paris - with nothing but his stiff pole high in the air - as a way to gain notoriety and … ahem … exposure for his plight. And of course, he made a video of it, which is after the jump. (Don’t worry, black boxes are in the important places.

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