Nude, Cold Hikers Overrun Hamlet In Swiss Alps

Apparently there is such a thing as “nude hiking enthusiasts” - personally, I can’t imagine anything more uncomfortable, unappetizing and wrong, and I’m just talking about hiking with my clothes on. I don’t want to know where you might get poison ivy or ticks if you go hiking nude, and I certainly don’t want to think that any of the middle aged, tubby tourists I saw on my last trip to a National Park might be nude - ever.

Nude Hikers in the Swiss Alps

It might sound like the set-up to a particularly unfunny “Benny Hill Show” sketch, but the NEW YORK TIMES says that it’s quite real, and it’s causing a lot of grief in the hamlet of Appenzell, Switzerland, where nude hikers have caused a commotion in recent years by taking up their right to bare arms - and everything else - while hiking in the Swiss Alps. Because nothing says “let me take my clothes off” like snow, bitter wind and subfreezing temperatures.

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