Permanent Home Field Advantage: Big 12 South?

One of the most unseemly aspects of conference championship playoff games in football is the appearance of unfairness in the location of the game. Why, if a team is more highly rated and in line for a giant BCS bowl payday, should they travel to a conference opponent’s backyard at the end of the season and put their whole year on the line one last time?

New Cowboys Stadium

It’s a legitimate question, especially in the Big 12, which has seen no fewer than five teams enter the conference championship ranked in the top three, only to walk out with a loss. So naturally, they’re thinking about permanently relocating to Dallas. Of course.

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Recap: Poker Player Charged With Killing Parents

• A debt-ridden professional poker player is arrested for killing his parents in an attempt to get at his inheritance sooner than scheduled.

Ernest Scherer II poker

Jonathan Papelbon has a premonition that he isn’t long for this world.

• Isn’t there anyone who wants to stay #1 in college basketball?

• A 45-year-old Ohio man loses 200 pounds on his way to becoming a college wrestler.

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