Chargers Fire Defensive Coordinator Ted Cottrell

For once, a team coached by Norv Turner is all screwed up and it isn’t really Norv’s fault. So the fall guy for the Chargers’ 3-5 start became defensive coordinator Ted Cottrell, who was fired today. The Bolts are 28th in the NFL in yards allowed and dead last in passing defense, while they’re second in the league in points scored.

Ted Cottrell

Cottrell was the choice of GM A.J. Smith, who was responsible for pushing Marty Schottenheimer out after a 14-2 season. But his defenses were never good enough and Charger fans spent much of their free time calling for his ouster.

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Pumped Up Ref Ed Hochuli Gets Deflated By NFL

There’s more fallout from the mess that was the final minutes of the Broncos vs. Chargers game on Sunday. Apologizing to Chargers coach Norv Turner for blowing the call on Jay Cutler’s apparent fumble apparently doesn’t make up for you know, blowing the call so horribly: the AP reports that the NFL is going to “downgrade” Ed Hochuli.

Ed Hochuli

What does that mean? Well, his winds have now reached tropical storm status, meaning that their sustained speeds are no more than…wait, I’m thinking of hurricanes being downgraded. (Although you must admit, Hurricane Hochuli sounds like one storm not to be messed with.)

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Report: Chargers’ Kaeding Kicked w/Cracked Leg

Nate Kaeding Kicks With Broken Leg

It appears the Chargers like to keep their boo-boos secret. After Philip Rivers admitted to playing against the Patriots without an ACL, the SAN DIEGO UNION-TRIBUNE learns that kicker Nate Kaeding was booting field goals with a broken leg.

A person “familiar with the situation” said that Kaeding’s lower left leg was injured back on Dec. 24 against the Broncos, yet the kicker continued to play in San Diego’s last 5 games. Even with a fractured plant leg, Kaeding scored all 12 of the Chargers’ points in the AFC Championship Game.

The team had claimed that Kaeding’s injury was only a ‘bruise’, while also declaring Rivers’ torn ACL as just a ’sprained MCL’. But you have to admire Nate’s bravado in soldiering on despite the broken limb.

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Chargers Official Says Norv Turner Will Be Back No Matter What In 2008

NORV TURNER WILL BE BACK IN 2008 “NO MATTER WHAT“: Apparently looking to help San Diego Chargers fans firm up their travel plans for the weekend of February 3 (they’ll now be hosting the grandparents at Knott’s), a Chargers source told the SAN DIEGO UNION TRIBUNE Sunday that Norv Turner will be back to coach the team in 2008.

Norv Turner

The U-T quotes “a high-ranking club official with knowledge of team President Dean Spanos’ thinking” as saying that even if the Chargers lose their final four games of the season, “He’s going to be here no matter what. He was always going to be here no matter what.“Chargers General Manager A.J. Smith, who hired Turner “expressed surprise the coach’s status would even be questioned” and said, “if they know how we operate, this is not a one-year chase for the Super Bowl.