The Great Isaiah Rider Comeback Is No Slam Dunk

You may remember Isaiah Rider from such hits as “Grand Theft Auto-Los Angeles,” How To Kidnap a Female Acquaintance Without Really Trying”, and “J.R. Rider And The Series Of Unfortunate Felony Cocaine Possession Arrests.” And of course there’s much more, including my favorite, milkshake assault (see No. 9).

Isaiah Rider

But at one time Rider was also one of the baddest players ever; a thing that some tend to forget. He was a second-team All-American as a senior at UNLV in 1993, averaged 16.7 points per game over a nine-year NBA career, and was author of the East Bay Funk Dunk, the now often-imitated move at the 1994 NBA Slam Dunk Competition which Charles Barkley called “the best dunk I’ve ever seen.”

Well get ready for more fun, because Rider is making a comeback.

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