Hottie Hockey Playing Sisters Heading Back Home

It’s been some tough times for the University of North Dakota. The state’s Board of Higher Education had recently ruled that the school must drop its beloved but controversial “Fighting Sioux” nickname by October 1, unless it can get the okay from the state’s two Sioux Indian tribes to let the college keep it. But now things are looking up for the soon-to-be non-Sioux.

Monqiue and Jocelyne Lamoureux

The two ladies pictured above are Jocelyne & Monique Lamoureux. So why should a pair of hockey playing sisters cheer up the (still) Sioux nation - especially a pair that plays for UND’s hated rival, the Minnesota Golden Gophers? Because the Lamoureux sisters are coming home to Grand Forks, having announced that they are transferring to North Dakota.

Oh, and they’re pretty cute, too.

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Baby Mark Mangino

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North Dakota Sioux flag

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Boston Red Sox glove chair

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Trinity football laterals

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