Ex-Coach Kidnaps, Shoots Women’s Hoops Player

Even though they aren’t related, North Carolina Wesleyan women’s basketball player Jessica Perry apparently always considered her former middle school basketball coach Dawn Perry as more of a coach or a role model - she considered her “like a godmother to her.” Which I guess is accurate - if your godparent frequently kidnaps you at gunpoint. (Mine usually just took me out of ice cream on occasion.)

Jessica Perry and Dawn Perry

(Dawn Perry, right, and Jessica Perry, left, in happier times)

The NEWS & OBSERVER reports that Dawn Perry, a teacher at Longview School in North Carolina, has been charged after allegedly kidnapping Jessica Perry at gunpoint two weeks ago at the college where she is a freshman guard. And then accidentally shooting her. The whole thing puts a new spin on the phrase “bizarre incident,” or at least “scene from a minor Coen Brothers movie.”

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