Police Use Pepper Spray To Break Up North Carolina Football Brawl

POLICE PEPPER PLAYERS DURING N. CAROLINA FOOTBRAWL: It’s been almost a year since Miami & Florida International dropped the gloves to Lamar Thomas’ delight, so it’s good to see bench-clearing brawls back in football:

North Carolina football fight

SHAKEDOWN SPORTS has the lowdown on the post-game pandemonuim that occured down Tobacco Road way.After North Carolina Central’s 27-22 win over rival North Carolina A&T, the victorious Eagles decided to rub it in by jumping up & down on the Aggies’ midfield logo. Well, the A&T players weren’t going to phone it in, so they ran out and confronted their rude guests.

About 100 people became involved in the five-minute fight, prompting a campus officer to use pepper spray, “leaving some players vomiting and gasping.”

North Carolina football fight

As the CHARLOTTE OBSERVER futher notes, the Eagles’ little act of unsportsmanlike conduct could cost N.C. Central conference membership, as the 1-AA independent was applying to join the MEAC - of which N.C. A&T is a member.A&T has already disconnected from next year’s scheduled rematch with NCCU, as the post-game SNAFU wasn’t A-OK.