NBA Lockerroom Soon To Include 2-Drink Minimum

Derek Fisher getting interviewed on the idiot box last night:

Shannon Brown nude video inside Lakers Lockerroom

You following me camera guy? (Needed Vince on that one.) Read more…

DUIs Are Totally Fine For Fox Sports Broadcasters

Good news, sports media! Since everyone’s learned their lessons from the Charles Barkley DUI (and it’s no longer in the news cycle), now you don’t have to worry about any bad publicity or discipline or anything if you drink and drive! That’s for lawyers to sort out!

Norm Nixon

(Public appearance or DUI mugshot? FSN doesn’t care!)

At least, that’s the lesson FOX SPORTS is sending with the case of Norm Nixon. According to the LOS ANGELES DAILY NEWS, Nixon was popped for a DUI Monday night, since nothing says “rock star” like getting trashed on a Monday. Just 16 hours later, he was back on the air, providing pre- and post-game analysis of the Lakers. Two more days for FSN West to process the arrest, and… there’s Norm again! And oh, are they brazen about it. Read more…

There’s Just Got To Be Some Editing Somewhere

Here’s video of former Laker great Norm Nixon playing Horse with current Laker Jordan Farmar:

Jordan Farmar Norm Nixon Playing Horse

Somehow, neither player seems to miss any of an awe-inspiring assortment of trick shots. Farmer eventually impeaches Nixon with a behind-the-head, behind-the-backboard heave.

The last time we saw so many made shots in a row, we were watching the Florida Gators against UCLA two years ago in the NCAA finals.