Farce: Kiffin ‘Recruiting’ Chow To Take Own Job?

UPDATE (7:43pm ET): Norm Chow tells Fox Sports Radio Thursday that he never talked to any USC representative about a job with the school. He added that Lane Kiffin left him one voicemail.

During the interview on the Petros & Money Show, Chow said he never seriously entertained leaving UCLA for USC because he never received an offer.

Quite a spirited recruiting effort by Kiffin.

As I wrote earlier today, Lane Kiffin has made it clear that he “anticipates” running the USC offense now that he’s been gifted the head coaching position by USC Trustees and Jerry Buss.

Mike Garrett

(Garrett expects Kiffin to ‘recruit’ Chow to take job Kiffin himself wants)

Figurehead Athletic Director Mike Garrett though does provide some comedy gold on the subject of Norm Chow in his interview with Gary Klein of the LOS ANGELES TIMES today.

Klein: How did Norm Chow enter into this? Was that you suggesting it? Was it Lane suggesting it?
Garrett: It was my idea. I said, you know, it would be nice if we brought that whole staff back and I don’t think Lane was against that. So that’s what we’re trying to do.

Klein: So you’re looking forward to . . .
Garrett: Well, it’s a possibility. It still has to happen and we’ll see.

Klein: Are you a part of that process in terms of a negotiating process?
Garrett: No, it’s really Lane’s deal. He’s going to recruit him and see how it works out.

If you read SbB you already know that Garrett isn’t involved in anything, so the fact that he’s claiming that the Chow recruitment is up to Kiffin, and not the real guys in charge, USC Trustees Ed Roski and Pat Haden, is no surprise.

You also know that if Chow does cross the street from UCLA, it will be despite Kiffin, not because of him.

Kiffin is the last person USC power brokers like Roski and Haden would ask to “recruit” Chow. The process involves doubling (at least) Chow’s salary into the mid-$1Ms range and forcing Kiffin to take his former colleague.

Though Chow’s agent Don Yee has denied that his client is jumping ship, along with UCLA Coach Rick Neuheisel, we’ve yet to hear from Chow himself. No one would be surprised if Yee and Neuheisel end up being wrong and Chow does take a position with USC. But if he does leave UCLA, we know it’ll have nothing to do with Kiffin’s “recruitment.”

Besides Garrett’s farcical comments about Chow, Klein unearths one other gem from SC’s fake AD.

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Chow Balks After Kiffin Claimed He’d Call SC Plays

UCLA Coach Rick Neuheisel confirmed to Dan Patrick on Fox Sports Radio this morning that Norm Chow is not going to USC. Why? It had nothing to do with loyalty to UCLA or money.

Lane Kiffin helped scuttle USC bid to bring in Norm Chow

(Kiffin said he “anticipated” calling USC plays on UCLA station last night)

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The past 48 hours there was been a tug of war between USC and UCLA over Chow. USC reportedly was wooing Chow to cross the street and rejoin the Trojans in order to reprise the offensive masterpiece he conducted at the Coliseum in the mid ’00s. While Chow was offensive coordinator at USC, Lane Kiffin was an offensive assistant who also happened to be very close to Pete Carroll. (Monte Kiffin was Carroll’s mentor.)

There’s plenty of conjecture that Lane Kiffin eventually helped undermine Chow with Carroll, leading to Chow’s eventual departure to the NFL’s Tennessee Titans and a strained relationship between the two. After Chow left the Trojans, Lane ascended to offensive coordinator and then assumed the same position with Tennessee, calling the plays for the Vols during his tenure in Knoxville.

After being pushed hard by Carroll to USC, Kiffin was hired by the school as head coach two days ago. As a condition for his hiring, Kiffin assured the USC coaching search committee, which included former USC quarterback Pat Haden, that he was willing to allow Chow to be in charge of the offense - a duty that Kiffin has always coveted.

Yesterday from Los Angeles, Pat Haden said this about Chow to Petros Papadakis and Matt Smith on the Petros and Money Show on Fox Sports Radio: “I think Norm Chow is the best offensive coach I’ve seen in 40 years of watching and covering college football.” (Kudos to show producer David Vassegh for booking Haden, the man behind the USC coaching curtain.)

We know now that the Kiffin hire was a package deal predicated on Ed Orgeron and Monte being on staff if Lane was to get the job. Another prerequisite was Lane’s willingness to take on Chow if Haden & Co. at USC could lure the current UCLA assistant across the street.

So if you’re Lane Kiffin and you know how fragile negotiations are between Chow and USC at the moment, what would you say if asked publicly if you wanted to call the plays?

We found out the answer yesterday.

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More Glorious Twitter Fail: UCLA’s Randall Carroll

You know it’s a significant Twitter misstep when the sender not only deletes the tweet, but takes down his entire Twitter page. That’s what UCLA freshman receiver Randall Carroll has done following his ill-advised tweet to a pal concerning Bruins offensive coordinator Norm Chow.

Twitter Fail Whale, Randall Carroll

Carroll, (Twitter name OCiAM), sent a tweet to La Cañada St. Francis High running back/safety Dietrich Riley, dated Oct. 22, that included a racial epithet to describe Chow, who is of Chinese descent: Read more…

Live Brog: UCLA Beats UT With SbB On The Scene

Welcome to the most awkward co-mingling of cultures since those discoverers of bubblin’ crude skedaddled to Beverly Hills and settled in to ruin prime-time television as part of the Backwoods Triptych (”Beverly Hillbillies”, “Green Acres”, and “Petticoat Junction”).  We’ll be working blue tonight… as well as orange… we fear this will never make the Bravo Web site.

UCLA fans on the make

(We miss college, where we could get drunk and pretend we were saying meaningful things next to an inflatable swimming pool and a UC-Irvine DJ…)

Brooks has stationed himself next to SbB Girl Alex at the Rose Bowl for the game (made possible by My Boy Barry!), delivering the kind of southern California atmosphere that only Brooks can provide.

My Boy Barry Call 888 820 8499 Barry Buys And Sells Tickets

Below is Brooks’ pregame report and pictures of SbB Girl Alex coaxing shy college football fans in front of the camera.
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Roger Clemens Houston Astros banner

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Lleyton Hewitt's sister

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Martin Luther King Jr.

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Slick Rick Neuheisel Still Keeping Up Appearances

New UCLA football coach Rick Neuheisel had his introductory press conference Monday, and UCLA fans were treated to the same phony baloney we’ve come to expect from the former disgraced Washington and Colorado coach.

Rick Neuheisel

Bill Dwyre of the LOS ANGELES TIMES reports that Monday “he told a Times reporter that he’d take a run at Norm Chow to become his offensive coordinator, and repeated that several times after his news conference.

One small problem, before mentioning his interest in Chow to the media, Neuheisel hadn’t even contacted him.

And it’d be a (Music City?) if Chow stepped down from his NFL gig as offensive coordinator of the Tennessee Titans to take the OC job at UCLA. Especially considering he just interviewed for the head coaching position with the Bruins, before withdrawing from consideration fo the job.

What everyone north of Wilshire Blvd. seems to forget about Neuheisel is that when he left Colorado for Washington, the Buffaloes’ program was in decline. And that Neuheisel’s firing at Washington was based more on failing teams than minor rules violations over a betting pool (UW just used that as an excuse to throw him out on his a**).

Rick Neuheisel's Coaching Record

Neuheisel never consistently produced top-quality teams at Colorado and Washington, school’s with much less stringent academic standards for football recruits than UCLA. Yes, he started fast with both schools, but much of that success was with players recruited by his coaching predecessors.

Once Neuheisel got his players into the programs, the records got worse with both the Buffaloes and Huskies. What makes UCLA fans think his stay in Westwood will be any different? Hello Mike Archer!

Carroll’s “We Blew It” Admission Deflects Blame From Assistant Coach

PC RUNNING INTERFERENCE FOR INCOMPETENT ASSISTANT: Adam Rose of the LOS ANGELES TIMES records Pete Carroll admitting that he “blew it” by allowing quarterback John David Booty to finish the USC loss to Stanford this season despite a “broken hand“:

Pete Carroll Los Angeles Times We Blew It

We really blew it against Stanford. We screwed it up because we played a guy that was hurt. I made a mistake on that. That was me. That wasn’t Norm or Lane or Eddy-O, or any of those guys. That was me screwing it up and not recognizing it, and sitting on the football at the end of the game. We kept throwing it with a guy with a broken hand.“Pretty contrite, eh? And if you don’t know anything about USC football, you would think Carroll is legitimately owning up to his own mistakes. But what he’s really doing is covering for under-fire offensive coordinator Steve Sarkisian. Why else would Carroll mention former offensive assistants Norm Chow and Lane Kiffin in his denial?

Steve Sarkisian

Like we said, that works well for the masses outside the 213, but if you really know what the hell is going on, you understand that Carroll’s inability to hire quality assistant coaches has been the major on-field downfall of the program.Norm Chow made the careers of Carson Palmer and Matt Leinart and based on his USC, NC State and BYU accomplishments, may well be the most-decorated assistant coach in college football history. Here’s what he told Scott Wolf of the L.A. DAILY NEWS last year about the competence of Sarkisian and Kiffin (in relation to UCLA defensive coordinator DeWayne Walker): “I know DeWayne Walker may be better than both of those guys.

UCLA 13 USC 9 Rose Bowl Scoreboard Anyssa

And we all know what happened last season at the Rose Bowl.If Carroll really wants to own up to the true error of his ways, he should fire Sarkisian. Because since they are such close friends, that won’t happen. But you can bet Carroll will be working hard to get Sark a “promotion” this offseason - much like the black hole Kiffin has since been sucked into in Oakland.

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Erin Andrews sandwich

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Tony Joiner Florida Tow Mater Disney

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Miami fan shaved chest

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