Notre Dame Won’t Let Its Football Fans Get Lei’d

Prized high school linebacker and Hawaii native Manti Te’o is visiting Notre Dame, one of the schools the No. 9 overall prospect has listed among his finalists. It’s a long flight from Honolulu to South Bend, Ind., and the Notre Dame student body wanted to make Te’o feel a bit more welcome by handing out leis to some 8,000 fans at Saturday’s game against Syracuse.

Manti Teo

(Prep linebacker Manti Te’o. In lei terms, he’s a stud)

Nice idea, right? Well, it was until, as reported by the CHICAGO TRIBUNE, the Notre Dame athletic department channeled the Seinfeld Soup Nazi, and stopped the Irish fans’ lei distribution plan in its tracks. “You want leis? You like leis? No leis for you!”

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