Dropped Starter Jonathan Sanchez Gets No-Hitter

Having an overshadowed young pitcher throw a no-hitter is always a good story. After all, it very well may be the best story they author up as a professional. That case was even more pronounced on Friday night for Jonathan Sanchez, who only got to start because Randy Johnson was on the disabled list … and whose Dad Sigfrido Sanchez flew in from Puerto Rico to get a glimpse of his son when he got the ball to start a game, watching him pitch for the first time.

Giants Jonathan Sanchez

Sanchez the younger finished with a season-high 11 strikeouts in his no-no against the Padres, and finished one runner away from a perfect game when Juan Uribe’s error allowed a runner to reach base. So much for the control problems and rampant walks, huh?

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Dodgers Give Angels Beating Without Single Hit

In what is likely to be the most confusing story of any Sunday morning, left coast viewers and those looking for white noise to drunkenly pass out to elsewhere in North America witnessed a highly unusual event: the Los Angeles Dodgers defeated the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim and Anywhere Else That We Can Sell Ad Time In without once getting a hit.

No hitter

Dodgers CF Matt Kemp took first on an Angels P Jered Weaver ball fumble in the fifth and then went from first to third when Angels C Jeff Mathis made a special delivery to center field on a throwing error while trying to peg Kemp on a steal of second. A sacrifice fly brought the game’s single scoring effort to fruition.

Weaver lasted one more inning until he was replaced for a pinch-hitter (hooray interleague play?); the Angels bullpen completed the blanking without a win to show for it.
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Gavin Floyd Teases Again, Doesn’t Achieve No-No

For the second time in three weeks, Gavin Floyd of the Chicago White Sox knocked on the door of a no-hitter at U.S. Cellular Field, only to have the baseball gods open the door slightly and then repeatedly slam his hand in the door jamb. Not nice to covet! Not nice!

Gavin Floyd shunned

(Screenshot taken just before the ninth inning started; we still get tingles looking at it)

Floyd avoided marring the hits column for the Minnesota Twins for 8.1 innings until a Joe Mauer double near the left-center warning track took Floyd down for the count. (That count: 105 pitches.) Captain Wispy wrapped up the 7-1 White Sox win.

It’s true that it wasn’t the most impressive effort, as no-hitters go. Two White Sox errors, three walks, and one run (!) remind us that no-hitters meant more when we didn’t know about on-base percentage and the alchemy that goes into scoring an error. Still… no-hitter!

More notes from the contest:

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