Rich Rod Isn’t No. 1 In Braylon Edwards’ Heart

For the first time since being admitted into the union, West Virginia has every reason to laugh at Michigan, thanks to native-son-turned-prodigal Rich Rodriguez. As Bob Hertzel of the TIMES WEST VIRGINIAN points out, “It’s like they say about the weather. Don’t like it? Wait a minute; it will change. Don’t have anything to write about? Wait a minute; Rodriguez will come up with something.” The latest story budget comedy bullion stems from Michigan’s No. 1 jersey controversy.

Braylon Edwards, Rich Rod, #1, and you

Traditionally — and by that, we mean the last 30 years or so — Michigan football has given the No. 1 jersey to a non-freshman standout wide receiver. Braylon Edwards, Anthony Carter, David Terrell, and Derrick Alexander, to name a few, adorned the coveted No. 1 during their upperclassmen seasons with the Wolverines. And this year, Rich Rod is handing Numero Uno to a freshman … defensive back. Read more…