NJIT Finally Wins, Ends 51-Game Losing Streak

There were a lot of Barack Obama detractors out there over the last year who were telling you that his campaign slogans of Hope and Change were nothing but buzz words to distract people from thinking about the real issues. And while they were totally right, what they didn’t take into account was the fact that by making people believe these things were possible actually makes them possible. I mean, just look around the world of sports right now. We’re not even 48 hours into Obama’s Presidency and already hope and change are evident everywhere, or at least in the world of college basketball.

Just look at the Speed Read this morning. Virginia Tech toppled #1 Wake Forest, Northwestern — freaking NORTHWESTERN — went into East Lansing and ended Michigan State’s 28-game home winning streak, and Clemson finally, well, okay, Clemson must have been McCain supporters. Still, as remarkable as all of those stories are, none of them can hold a candle to what happened in Newark, New Jersey, on Tuesday night.

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