Here’s Hoping Arizona Cardinals Don’t Forget Shower Shoes Around Matt Leinart

ATTN CARDS - DON’T FORGET SHOWER SHOES AROUND #7: It’s been an eventful last few days for Matt Leinart. First, he got his pants pulled down by new Arizona Cardinals coach Ken Whisenhunt for skipping a mini-camp workout.

Matt Leinart

Next, he was regrettably spotted last weekend by the LAS VEGAS REVIEW JOURNAL at the Caesars Palace Venus Pool Club with EEE-listers Kim Kardashian, Rex Grossman and Wilmer Valderrama.

Matt Leinart Jenny McCarthy

Not to mention being photo ID’d with fart queen Jenny McCarthy at Caesars “Pure” nightclub (which featured a grotesquely overblown fake line that prevented me from cashing out at the cage on Friday night - I still have the damn chips!).And finally, he was outed by the ARIZONA REPUBLIC for hocking his recently purchased home after neighbors ran him off because “his car had become an eyesore.

Matt Leinart

That’s not the only thing that’s sore after Leinart got done hanging it out with the well-worn trio of Kardashian, Paris Hilton and McCarthy.