A-Rod Had Paintings Of Self As Centaur Over Bed

Much has been said and written about Alex Rodriguez’s mighty ego, but did we ever think that it would reach, literally, mythic proportions? In the greatest item I have read today, US WEEKLY tells us that a former Rodriguez girlfriend says that the Yankee had two portraits painted of himself as a centaur, and that they’re hanging over his bed. Enjoy that nightmare fuel, America.

Alex Rodriguez

As we know from our mythology, the centaur is a half-human, half-horse composition caught between the two natures, often pestering other gods such as Hercules. The ancient Greeks tell us that it was born when the god Centaurus mated with a horse. Yes, there’s a lot of that going around, even to this day. At least if you live in South Carolina. Read more…

A Slice Of Nightmare Fuel: Shaq In A Pink Speedo

I’m confident that I speak for most of the men when I say that I’ll be rooting feverishly for Shaquille O’Neal to beat Olympic gold medalists Misty May-Treanor and Kerri Walsh in their upcoming reality show beach volleyball showdown. Oh yes, it’s an imperative.

Shaq will team with Olympic gold medalist Todd Rogers to take on the women in the first challenge in his new “Shaq vs.,” reality show on ABC. And during Wednesday’s press conference for the episode, O’Neal said that if he loses, he’ll walk two miles in a pink Speedo. And then, Shaq added a horrifying post script: Read more…

Spanish BK Flip-Up Jerseys Are Tacky, Awesome

I’ll admit it, I’ve been having night terrors ever since Burger King began running these commercials. I don’t care how much you tempt me with meat and egg and cheese, I’m not “waking up with the King.” But now they’ve made up for it, even though it’s all happening in a far-off land. Witness the new Burger King-sponsored soccer flip jersey.

Spanish Burger King soccer jersey

As part of Burger King’s sponsorship of the Spanish soccer club Getafe, the team’s jerseys will feature the BK logo on the front, and a mug of the King on the inside for those special goal-scoring celebratory moments. I see no way that this equals anything but awesome. Read more…