Blog-O-Rama: Tony Romo Takes It To The Stage

• GIRLS GONE SPORTS won’t stop believing Tony Romo has talent, as the Cowboys QB hits the stage with Jessica & some metal band:

Tony Romo sings

• FOOD COURT LUNCH learns of a former CFL player found shot to death - and surprisingly it’s not Lawrence Phillips.

• WITH LEATHER is going to stay off the bikes for a while.

• MJD of YAHOO SPORTS bowls a few mini-frames with Matt Leinart.

• SPORTS ILLUSTRATED rolls out a casting call for “Super Bowl XLII: The Movie“:

Haley Joel Osment Eli Manning

Starring Haley Joel Osment as Eli Manning.

• Darren Rovell of CNBC has one bet the Super Bowl oddsmakers forgot to put on the board - Will Bill Belichick wear his hoodie?

• Speaking of Vegas, THE SCORES REPORT thanks God - at 5-to-2 odds.

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While Pierce Tosses Money, Kim K. Tosses People

Proving she’s not just all brains & beauty, Kim Kardashian showed off a little muscle during a night out with her man Reggie Bush.

Kim Kardashian Reggie Bush christmas shopping

(Reggie carefully carrying Kim’s Christmas cargo.)

The NEW YORK DAILY NEWS catches Kimmy kicking out the man who may have helped ruin Reggie’s collegiate career. While at a San Diego club, Kardashian came face-to-face with Lloyd Lake, the sports marketer accused of giving Bush over $300,000 during his days at USC. As the D-N reveals, “She had him tossed out faster than you can say ‘revoked Heisman’!

And Reggie & Kim weren’t the only ones having a fun time out on the town.

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McEnroe’s Son Causes Racket Outside NYC Club

The son of John McEnroe easily loses his temper? You can’t be serious!

John McEnroe son Sean McEnroe

The NEW YORK POST’s PAGE SIX spots the offspring of the teed-off tennis star causing a racket outside a West Side club.

20-year-old Sean McEnroe was trying to ace his way into the Pink Elephant club, but was getting no love from the men out front. So the soured son started double-faulting with the doormen and cursing them out, yelling, “Oh, bouncers - really good job. You’re f—ing losers!

After the argument, Sean then fittingly “stumbled backward and fell into a pile of garbage bags.”

Obviously, young McEnroe was pretty trashed that night.

Jason Kidd Sued By Woman For Nightclub Assault

WOMAN SUES KIDD FOR FLAGRANT FEEL-UP AT NIGHTCLUB: Jason Kidd is being charged with a hand violation - and not for his play on the basketball court.

Jason Kidd biting jersey

The ASSOCIATED PRESS reports the New Jersey Nets star is being sued by a woman who claims Kidd groped and threatened her at a Manhattan nightclub.The lawsuit claims that the woman was at the Tenjune club last October, when Kidd “grabbed her buttocks and crotch on multiple occasions.”

When the woman yelled, “Get off me! Get away from me!“, Kidd was apparently dragged away by bouncers. But he supposedly came back and cornered the woman against a wall, telling her, “If we have a fight, who do you think is going to win?

In regards to the allegations, Kidd’s attorney responds, “These claims were false when they were first fabricated two months ago, and they remain false today. This lawsuit is nothing more than a brazen and defamatory search for a payout.”

Excedrin aspirin

With the lawsuit looming, Kidd really doesn’t need the headache, since he already had one last week.

South Florida Lineman Thomas Edenfield Somehow Surrounded By Hottie Coeds

HOPING THEY HAVE GANG SHOWERS IN USF’S COED DORMS: BUSTED COVERAGE has some photos of South Florida lineman Thomas Edenfield surrounded by some hottie coeds (we especially love the aspiring Jenna Jameson):

Thomas Edenfield

At bottom (on right), Edenfield shows that he’s still got a ways to go as an offensive lineman:

Thomas Edenfield

That’s clearly a hold.

A-Rod and Wife Take Vow of Silence During Dinner

A-ROD’S DINNER WITH WIFE LEAVES BOTH SPEECHLESS: Now that he’s back with the Bronx Bombers, everything should be hunky-dory again for Alex Rodriguez, right?

Well, not exactly.

A-Rod Wife Dinner

The NEW YORK POST’S PAGE SIX spotted A-Rod & wife Cynthia out at Miami restaurant Nobu the other night. A witness reported that during their two-hour dinner, the couple “didn’t say a word to each other.”The spy added, “Not one word. It was weird.”

What’s with the vow of silence? It could be that Cynthia wasn’t feeling well in the throes of her second pregnancy. Or she was miffed that her hubby attended a recent celeb-heavy art show without her. Or she’s still mad at A-Rod for giving up on getting Shaq’s house.

A-Rod wife Fuck  You t-shirt

Maybe the Rods just wanted a nice, quiet meal for once. Besides, what can be said in dinner conversation that can’t be said on a t-shirt?

Jeremy Shockey Looking For Lovely Ladies To Attend His New Years Eve Party

SHOCKEY SELECTIVE WITH GAL PALS FOR NEW YEAR’S EVE: DEADSPIN has the chance of a lifetime for all you Big Apple broads and Tri-State trollops: Jeremy Shockey wants YOU! - to drink & dance for his amusement:

Jeremy Shockey Point

The New York Giant is looking for some supple scenery to parade around at his New Year’s Eve party. And what better way to locate lovely ladies than by a Craigslist casting call.The posting promotes how “Manhattan’s hottest, newest nightclub” - no name or location mentioned - wants to surround Shockey and his posse with “the city’s hottest girls.”

Jeremy Shockey

However, it’s not just a case of showing up for possible entry - into the club, or from other attendees. All pretty partygoers must be pre-approved before they can commence jigglin’ with Jeremy.The listing states, “If you think you can dress, dance, and drink the part, then please send one head and one body shot, as well as your name and contact info” to some random Gmail address.

Who can resist such a tempting offer?

Sean Avery Hits The Town In a Sling And Wearing Nail Polish

NY RANGERS’ AVERY ANGRY OVER BUDDHA BAR BOUNCING: Even while on the injured list, New York Rangers ruffian Sean Avery still remains his personable, polite self:

Sean Avery punch

The NEW YORK DAILY NEWS spotted the blue-tongued bully and his fellow Blueshirts out celebrating at the Bungalow 8 bar Saturday night after vetoing the Ottawa Senators.

Avery “showed up with a sling on one hand and black nail polish on the other.” He must have gotten into a pre-night fight with his manicurist.

But the Bungalow wasn’t the guys’ first choice for fun. Beforehand, the crew were banned by the bouncer from busting into the Buddha Bar. Avery took the rejection in stride, yellining, “F— this place! We’re never coming here again!

Buddha Bar

The Buddha bouncer reportedly told the teammates that he didn’t know or care who they were. Such as it is when your league is broadcast on Versus.

Baltimore Fans in Huff Over Orioles Outfielder Comments About City Nightlife

ORIOLES FANS IN HUFF OVER AUBREY’S BALTIMORE BASH: Aubrey Huff blames “a slow news day” for the uproar over his recent comments about Baltimore:

Aubrey Huff Orioles

The BALTIMORE SUN reports that fans are upset at the Orioles outfielder for his choice of words during a radio show appearance.Huff was on the Bubba The Love Sponge Show, when he was comparing his current city’s nightlife with that in Tampa, one of his previous baseball stops.

I said Baltimore was horsesh** for that. After games, places are closed down. There’s no place to go.”

empty night street

Aubrey doesn’t understand why O’s fans would get in a, *ahem*, huff over his comments.”I said it in such passing, so quickly, and it was gone. I didn’t say the city itself was horsesh**. The next day, my buddy called me and said people were livid. I said, ‘No way! It must be a slow news day in Baltimore.’ I walked out of there saying it was a good show. I kept it pretty clean.”

kid sticks head in horse statue butt

Huff did clarify a little bit, saying how he “love(s) the ballpark, the organization, the guys on the team.” But he feels there’s no need for backtracking or offering any huge public apology.”If what I said is a big deal, so be it….If people think I offended them, I can apologize, but I didn’t feel like I did anything wrong.”

Reggie Bush Friend Kim Kardashian Making Out With Oscar Nominated Actor

BUSH BUDDY BAILS FOR AMOROUS ACTOR AT NYC EVENT: First, he loses another game. Then, he loses another teammate. Now, it looks like Reggie Bush has lost another soulmate:

Reggie Bush Kim Kardashian

EURWEB has the heartbreaking news that Bush beloved Kim Kardashian was caught flirting around with actor Terrence Howard. Paris Hilton’s BFF and the Oscar-nominated star from “Hustle & Flow” were spotted huddled together at a Big Apple event.A report on the action observed, “She was sitting on his lap and he was rubbing her butt.”

Kim Kardashian Terrence Howard

As Reggie was busting his behind Monday night, Kim’s seemed to be well taken care of.