Urban Meyer’s Daughter On Dad’s OSU Chances

Urban Meyer’s daughter Nicki apparently had an esophageal spasm is exasperated over talk that her famous father may soon take over as head football coach at Ohio State.

NIcki Meyer's Tweet about Father going to Ohio State

Nicki, who is a volleyball player at Georgia Tech, Tweeted on Tuesday:

Stop txting me abt my dad. HE IS NOT repeat NOT, GOING TO OHIO STATE. thanks.

Sounds like the bunkbeds at Joe Schad’s Bristol pad are working out famously for the Meyer fam.

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Meyer To Wife, Kids: “Sorry, God Checked Down”

In his press conference today to discuss his decision to reverse course and return as head coach at the Univ. of Florida as soon as this fall, one offhand comment by Urban Meyer about when he told his family of his latest choice might’ve indicated his actual priorities throughout the 48 hour ordeal.


During the presser, Meyer listed his priorities in order to the media as, “father, husband, coach,” characterized his family as “very close,” and said, “if you put business before God and family, you’ve got a problem.”

(Meyer’s wife to ORLANDO SENTINEL this morning)

Yet at the same press conference he indicated that he didn’t tell his wife and children about his returning as UF coach until he “pulled them aside before they got on the plane.”

Urban Meyer's daugher Nikki Got her dad back for a whole day

(From Pete Thamel of NEW YORK TIMES)

In other words, they were probably among the last to know.

At least they aren’t alone. Meyer’s father Bud didn’t know his son had quit as Florida coach until a media member informed him last night. Read more…