Saban Snaps At Inconvenient Truth: ‘Did I stutter?’

Sunday Charles Robinson of Yahoo Sports reported that former Univ. of North Carolina assistant football coach John Blake had previously attempted to recruit Alabama football player Marcell Dareus for NFL agent Gary Wichard while Blake was still coaching the Tarheels.

Nick Saban Pimps Out Players To NFL

(Saban uses lure of NFL to recruit in ‘Bama media guide)

In an ironic twist, the coach of Dareus at Alabama, Nick Saban, compared NFL agents to “pimps back in July in supposed frustration over their unsavory and oft-improper methods of recruiting current college football players.

In a not-so-ironic twist, Saban did not appreciate reporters yesterday pressing him on if he would also now qualify one of his most-decorated coaching colleagues, well-traveled assistant and former head coach of Oklahoma Blake, as a pimp.

Don Kausler, Jr., of the BIRMINGHAM NEWS recorded Saban’s comments in response to questions about Blake. Read more…