Melons Gal Clears Up Mindy McClemens Confusion

If Danica & Ashley show up in “Speed Racer 2“, then we might go see it.

• A well-meaning “Melons” waitress helps clear the confusion about Roger Clemens mackin’ on a 15-year-old Mindy McCready.

Mindy McCready Roger Clemens Red Sox

• Ex-KC Chiefs kicker Nick Lowery is getting ready to marry to a major MILF - annnnnd it’s good!

• Having Richard Jefferson show up for a birthday celebration gets a party host all choked up.

Kenny Mayne’s got a book out. Someday we may read it.

John Wooden. Vin Scully. One night. One stage. Be there.

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51 YO Nick Lowery Now Kicking It With A Cougar

Growing up in Kansas City, kicker Nick Lowery was probably the brightest part of wretched teams that we suffered through for nearly two decades (’70s, ’80s). Now there were always rumors of Nick being somewhat of a strange guy - at least as the social circuit goes.

Phoebe Chongchua Nick Lowery

(What a cute couple .. of .. never mind)

But Jeff Flanagan of the KANSAS CITY STAR reports today that the 51-year-old Lowery, who has never been close to being married, is now engaged to a major MILF out of San Diego named Phoebe Chongchua. After the seeing the pic of Nick, we’re also happy to congratulate him on his new gig as a greeter at the Stratosphere in Vegas.

We just hope Phoebe, a former SD news anchor-turned-motivational speaker, did the subscription internet background check thing, since Nick might have a few skeletons jangling around. More pics of her after the jump. Read more…