Matt Leinart Is Very Sad About Being A Backup QB

In news that came as a surprise to, well, Matt Leinart and that’s about it, Arizona Cardinals head coach Ken Whisenhunt has named wily veteran Kurt Warner the starting quarterback.

Nick Lachey, Matt Leinart

This is the latest disappointment for Leinart, the team’s 2006 first-round pick, and apparently, he’s very, very sad about it all.

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‘Boys Owner Says Romo-Simpson Good For Team

If Cowboys fans were hoping for less Jessica Simpson in 2008, well, it’s going to be a long season. The team’s postseason struggles were blamed, in part, on Simpson forcing boyfriend and Dallas quarterback Tony Romo down to Mexico for a quick holiday, even though Terrell Owens implored us not to jump to such conclusions.

Tony Romo and Jessica Simpson

Now, with the Cowboys off to a worrisome 0-2 preseason start, Simpson’s more ubiquitous than ever. And not only is she seemingly always around, owner Jerry Jones thinks it’s good for the team.

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Our New Custom License Plate Choice Intercepted

Spotted by SbB reader Juan last week tooling around Los Angeles:

Matt Leinart PT Cruiser

We actually were planning on getting a custom plate for our rig this year, and sadly it looks like our first choice was intercepted.

Now in all seriousness, who, besides Matt Leinart, would get that plate? Well, there’s only one person we can think of. Read more…