NHL Panthers Offer Free Tix, Still Can’t Sell Out

The Florida Panthers are a struggling franchise that hasn’t made the NHL playoffs in nine years, so the organization is trying to boost lagging attendance in a number of creative ways. One way is to offer “priority” for playoff tickets to people who buy a four-game plan, and if the team misses the postseason again (the team’s only one point out of a spot) they’ll get free tix to four games next year.

Florida Panthers crowd

(Another big night for hockey in South Florida)

It’s actually a pretty good idea, but once you hear about a promotion that already didn’t work, it’s unlikely that any amount of ingenious marketing is going to save this team. Last night, all you had to do was show up at a tent outside the arena and you’d get tickets … free tickets. They still couldn’t fill the place.

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Blog Jam: Erin Andrews To Appear on ‘Blog Show’

• MR. IRRELEVANT is all excited to welcome this week’s very special guest to “Blog Show” - Erin Andrews!

Erin Andrews Skin-Tight Pants Photos

(Erin getting ready for her big “Blog Show” debut)

• SHUTDOWN CORNER is sad to see that retirement has turned Brett Favre to a life of crime. Oh, wait - wrong Favre.

• Speaking of Brett, the MILWAUKEE JOURNAL SENTINEL reports that the QB’s locker at Lambeau has finally been dismantled.

Lynn Trenning of the CHARLOTTE OBSERVER observes how stylish Jay Bilas is, especially when the ESPN analyst shells out $2,000 per suit.

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