Writer: Minny Land Of 10,000 Dead Car Batteries

It’s really sad that the NHL is completely off the radar screen of most American sports fans. Leaving ESPN was a catastrophic blunder by Gary Bettman and the league’s myoptic owners . Their bottom line might be getting better, but the sport in the Lower 48 is now right up there with Arena Football and AAA baseball.

Hockey Cheerleaders

(Only other way to get revved about the NHL playoffs)

We worked in hockey as a broadcaster for six years, so no one wants the sport to succeed in the States more than us, but it really, truly is dead to us so long as the league doesn’t get nightly distribution on ESPN. As much as we disdain the WWL on many fronts, we admit that they make the rules - and decide which fringe sports deserve major league consideration.

So right now, one of the main things helping the NHL hang on for us is the media trainwrecks who cover the sport. Read more…