NHL Cheerleader Keeps Current On Her Periodicals

From the online profile of current Washington Capitals Ice Girl (cheerleader) Sarah:

Washington Capitals Ice Girl Sarah

Sarah is also a financial analyst, which means her clients are most likely overweight Campbell’s stock. (Ticker Symbol: CPB)

NHL Panthers On The Prowl For New Cheerleaders

• The Florida Panthers are on the prowl for some new Ice Dancers.

Florida Panthers Ice Dancers cheerleaders

• A minor league hockey player scores a hat trick of rude behavior on a flight, and gets a 527,040-minute penalty.

• If the Rays win the World Series, free pizza for the whole wide world!

• A trio of Cubs fans brutally beat a fan of a rival team. This is not a repeat.

• This is the only way people will pay attention to a Pirates game: West Virginia basketball players in the stands fighting with police.

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