A Handy Guide to NFL’s Hispanic Heritage Month

As you may know, the NFL is celebrating Hispanic Heritage Month. It’s the league’s attempt to reach out to those fans in the Latin community - and get them to reach into their pocketbooks and purchase some tickets ‘n’ jerseys ‘n’ such. Tony Kornheiser did his part in trying to play Spanish Translator, while Chad Johnson showed his appreciation of Spanish numerals with his new “Ocho Cinco” surname.

Ines Sainz

Of course, if the NFL really wants to showcase Hispanic Heritage, they would have marvelous Mexican TV reporter Ines Sainz strutting her stuff on as many Sunday & Monday sidelines as possible. CBS, Fox, NBC, ESPN - somebody please hire this woman!

Anyway, when last Sunday’s “MNF” crew informed us that we were watching Las Aguilas de Philadelphia vs. Los Vaqueros de Dallas, we wondered why not do the same favor for the league’s 30 other teams? So, as a public service (and as a way for fantasy football players to impress that cute Latina secretary at work tomorrow), here’s a handy & helpful guide of the NFL squads as seen en espanol:

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