An L.A. NFL Stadium! No, This Time We Mean It!

Here’s how you know the latest attempt by billionaire (and minority owner in the Lakers and Kings) Ed Roski to lure an NFL team to Los Angeles by building a stadium for existing teams to skip off to is serious: there’s a Web site! With a fancy video like Madden ‘08! (The video for the new Cowboys stadium is better, which is why theirs is already being built.)

(H/T: YOUBEENBLINDED for the video)

No, that’s not it… you know he’s serious this time because “(Roski) controls the land necessary to build the stadium, training facilities and related development; and he already has a certified environmental impact report for the site.” Look, Ma! An environmental impact report! You can practically smell the fondue cart in the concourse from here!

No, that’s not it, either… ah, here it is. You know Ed Roski is serious about building an NFL stadium because he’s asked City of Industry, CA, to fork over $820 million in property taxes for the project. Now it’s on.

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