Developer To Bring NFL Back to Los Angeles For 10,00th Time

DEVELOPER TO BRING NFL BACK TO LA FOR 10,000th TIME: Here we go again. Another Angeleno is taking a crack at enticing the NFL to come back to L.A:

Ed Roski NFL

The WHITTIER (CA) DAILY NEWS reports that developer Ed Roski will be talking to league officials this week about a proposed stadium plan for the Southland - this time in the City of Industry.

Roski, who holds ownership in the L.A. (not Grand Valley State) Lakers and the L.A. (not Sacramento) Kings, helped finance and build Staples Center. Now we wants to add an NFL field to his lists.


Roski owns plenty of land in the Southland suburb, and the City of Industry says what it is - an area of factories and businesses, with only 700 residents but 80,000 employees.

The proposal is just the latest in the never-ending saga by money men to return pro football to Los Angeles. Previous promises had teams coming to Irwindale, Pasadena, Carson, or back to the Coliseum or Anaheim.

SbB Cecillia LA Coliseum

Numerous questions once again come to the spotlight. Would it be a relocated team, or a new expansion club? Who’s going to pay for construction? And most importantly, the NFL needs LA, but does LA need the NFL?

Townsfolk didn’t desert when the Rams & Raiders left in ‘94, so the city seems to have gotten along fine without it.