Goodell Takes Aim At Record Rookie Contracts

Ah, the broadsides that inevitably come with labor negotiations. Per the AP, NFL commissioner Roger Goodell is planning to take a crack at reducing the rookie contracts many think are ridiculous — considering they are much more than what veterans will earn. The commissioner called deals such as the ones Atlanta Falcons QB Matt Ryan and Miami Dolphins O-lineman Jake Long signed “ridiculous.”

Roger Goodell in chair

It will be particularly difficult for Lord Rog to be able to extract a change in the rookie salary scale out of NFLPA head Gene Upshaw because the union can and will demand some serious concessions in any change to the draftees’ first contracts.

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Man Took $20m From NFLers, Committed Suicide

Kirk Wright created a bogus investment scheme that defrauded everyone from professional football players to his own mother.


Yesterday, Wright hanged himself in jail.

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