Panthers Could Look To Trade Punch-Happy Smith

Hmm. Apparently, NFL teams frown upon intrasquad beatdowns. Last week, the Carolina Panthers’ Steve Smith went all “Michael Westbrook on teammate Ken Lucas (reprising the role of Stephen Davis), the team promptly suspended the Pro Bowl wide receiver for two games, everybody kissed and made up, and we’re all ready to move forward.

Steve Smith might be traded

Except, maybe Carolina’s front office. According to Matt Mosley of THE BLOG FORMERLY KNOWN AS HASHMARKS, Smith’s surly disposition and penchant for Debo-ing teammates (language NSFW) could be his ticket out of town.

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Steve Smith Pummels Teammate During Practice

Teammates fight at football practices - it’s a rough, physical game, and tempers flare. But usually the fights are lots of slapping and pushing. Rarely does it end with the loser being carted off, but that’s just what happened today when an All-Pro wide receiver Steve Smith wailed away on Panthers teammate Ken Lucas.

DeAngelo Hall Steve Smith

This isn’t the first time that Smith has been in trouble for brawling. Back in 2002 he was arrested and jailed after breaking Anthony Bright’s nose in a fight that broke out while watching game film, and Smith wound up getting suspended for a game. But don’t expect the same fate: he’s not a young player now but one of the best WRs in the league.

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