Study: Concussions Cause Long-Term Damage

Fortuitously timed for Super Bowl week, Boston University’s Center for the Study of Traumatic Encephalopathy released a study Tuesday detailing yet another athlete’s early death and a possible connection to severe brain damage accrued over years of violent blows.

The report implies chronic traumatic encephalopathy linked to concussions cause damage deep in the brain’s emotional ridges, which leads to many of the post-career symptoms of NFL players, wrestlers, and other athletes.

Steve Young

Even girls’ hockey players (a nominally non-contact sport) are reporting more concussions, and more lasting effects of those concussions as the sport speeds up. Certainly, the NFL would acknowledge some culpability in the necessarily violent nature of the sport.  And they do … up to a fine legal point, of course.
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Zombie Scientists Demand Football Players’ Brains

For a lot of players in the NFL, when they retire from the game they like to leave little mementos. Maybe a jersey the player wore in a Super Bowl for the team to put on display somewhere, of if they go on to the Hall of Fame, maybe they’ll give the fine folks in Canton the football they scored that record breaking touchdown with.

Still, while former players giving up some of their possessions after retiring is all well and good, couldn’t they give us more? I mean, what purpose does that glass encased football really serve for the betterment of mankind? Don’t they owe us more than that? Some scientists at Boston University think so, and that’s why after those retired football players die, they’re totally going to harvest their brains.

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