Columnist Wastes Paper With Texas A&M Hit Job

The website WISEGEEK.COM has this to say about the unfortunate phenomenon known as trolling: “An internet troll is someone who posts offensive, controversial, or divisive material on an Internet community.” Anyone who’s spent any amount of time on an intenet message board or blog has seen ‘em and perhaps even pities these people who spend their time getting off by anonymously being a jerk to people on the internet.

(So many good reasons to mock Texas A&M, why make stuff up?)

Usually, trolling occurs on the fringes of the internet, where the overly passionate message board readers or posters are easily riled up and duped. It’s much rarer to see it occur in the broad daylight of a mainstream website. It’s even rarer to see it happen in the pages of a major American newspaper, but that’s the only explanation for Richard Justice’s latest column.  Nobody could actually honestly be this stupid.

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White Male Shrinkage Not Plaguing Print Media

The Institute for Diversity and Ethics in Sports (TIDES) dropped a report yesterday that shocked exactly no one that enjoys reading about sports in these United States: sports departments are still overwhelmingly white and male. For the key statistics, we turn to the Director/Prince of TIDES, Richard Lapchick (tee hee):

“This report shows that in 2008, 94% of the sports editors; 89% of the assistant sports editors; 88% of our columnists; 87% of our reporters; and 89% of our copy editors/designers are white, and those same positions are 94%, 90%, 94%, 91%, and 84% male.”

All the President's Men

(”Follow the white guy? Are you sure?”)

Don’t fret it, though, everyone: those percentages may not be budging, but soon there won’t be any sports rooms to worry about. Wire reports and Mariotti for everyone!
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