NZ Olympic Hopeful Opens Brothel To Raise Cash

Say you’re a promising athlete, who’s got nothing but a dollar and a dream. You want to go to the Olympics, but you simply can’t afford the equipment, the training, the travel. If this were a Disney movie, you’d set up a lemonade stand. If you’re Logan Campbell, you’d open up a whorehouse.


The New Zealand taekwondo athlete is hoping to go to the 2012 games in London, but it’s quite expensive and the country’s taekwondo federation is running low on funds too. So Campbell and a friend have started their own brothel in Auckland with the hope of raising $300,000, one client at a time.

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French Rugby Fans Faulted for Releasing Roosters

I was originally going to title this post “French Fans Get Their Cocks Out For Rugby Match”, but some more sensitive viewers might misunderstand what the article would be about. Perhaps they’d think I was going to discuss this event. But today’s actual story is really for the birds.

Tricolor rooster

A recent rugby match between France & New Zealand in Wellington was occassionally interrupted by some foul play. Not one, not two, but three roosters were tossed onto the field at different times throughout the match. One of the roosters was painted up in red, white and blue (see photo above). How cocky.

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Iraq Can’t Even Make Any Money Playing Soccer

All that stood between Iraq and winning $1.4 million was for someone to put a ball into a net behind a bunch of guys from New Zealand two times within 90+ minute.  It would have put Iraqi soccer into a very rare category: Iraqi businesses making money. And it should have been simple: New Zealand has lost every single game they’ve ever played in a FIFA tournament.

Iraq mission accomplished

Instead, Iraq failed to score once while Spain did everything in their power to help, throttling the host South African team like they thought they were Asians to put Iraq in a position to enter the money round and take home at least a million dollars from the Condeferations Cup.  Instead, they’ll get nothing and they’ll like it. Couldn’t someone have told Iraq that they were playing Kuwait?

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Kiwi Commentator Attacked By Urinating Thug

While anyone with knowledge of the world realized that the Olympic Games in Beijing would be met with political protests over human rights and Tibet, I’m not sure there were many people who thought the games would get off to such a violent start. We weren’t even a day into the event before U.S. Mens Volleyball coach Hugh McCutcheon’s in-laws were attacked by a Chinese man while visiting the Drum Tower.

Steve Robilliard

Barbara Bachman survived the attack, but her husband Todd Bachman did not.

Unfortunately, this heinous act wasn’t the only attack in the first few days, as a New Zealand television commentator was attacked outside of his hotel while returning from dinner.

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Pacman Paid Extortion Money to Vegas Shooter

According to Las Vegas police, Adam “Pacman” Jones paid $15,000 to the man that has been arrested for firing the shot that paralyzed an employee of the strip club now famous for allowing Jones to seed the clouds inside with money and then making it rain. Jones’ lawyer make it clear: “…if (Jones) didn’t pay the money then this guy would come after him.”

Pacman Jones

Hey, Adam. Very, very seriously. If you’re reading this, click here. It’s a New Zealand tourism Web site. Look it over. Find a package that works for you. Explore the island nation and find the place that feels the least like home to you, the most desolate and lonely corner of that beautiful nation.

Then call the movers and have them ship your belongings over. It’s time.
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David Beckham Food Scraps Sold By Fans On Internet

IF IT WAS A MCDONALDS FRY, YES. BUT BURGER KING? NO: Jimmy Traina of’s HOT CLICKS has a pointer that indicates that the folks in New Zealand have bought what David Beckham is selling: “Fans of football superstar David Beckham are cashing in on his recent visit to New Zealand by trying to sell his food scraps and dirty dishes on the Internet.

French Fry

Among the items put up for sale on New Zealand website Trade Me are a half eaten corn cob, a nearly empty bottle of Coca-Cola and a single French fry. The French fry attracted an initial bid of one dollar (75 US cents), rising to three dollars by late afternoon Wednesday.

Roy Rogers French Fries

That wasn’t us, since we have since found out the fry was traced to the Roy Rogers location in Secaucus. Ewww.