New England Patriots Clinch AFC East Title Already

PATS CLINCH AFC EAST; CALI NFL TEAMS 3-0 IN WEEK 12: There was a possible reason why New England had such a close call against the Eagles - the Patriots were too caught up with winning the AFC East:

Patriots Asante Samuel

Even before Tom Brady & crew hit the field Sunday night, the Pats clinched their division thanks to Buffalo’s loss against Jacksonville. And there’s still 5 weeks left in the season.Meanwhile, the Bills defeat meant the state of New York went winless in NFL action this holiday weekend. (The Jets lost to the Cowboys on Turkey Day, and the Giants were blown-out by the Vikings on Sunday).

Oakland Kansas City NFL

On the flip side, the state of California notched a 3-0 record for Week 12 (San Fran over Arizona in OT, Oakland over KC, San Diego over Baltimore).With the Jaguars’ win and Tampa Bay beating the Redskins, the Sunshine State could also reach the same undefeated mark, if Miami somehow beats Pittsburgh on Monday night.

But the biggest shocker of all must be Rex Grossman somehow leading the Bears to victory.