Ole! Bull Loose As Queens Turns Into Pamplona

It was just your average Wednesday morning on the streets of Woodhaven, Queens. Commuters buying their coffee and newspapers on their walk to the train. Vendors cooking up their first batch of hot dogs. A bull running loose in the streets.

Bull goring a matador

And despite the eventual capture of the bovine intruder, nobody’s exactly sure where it came from. Apparently, a large farm animal can just materialize out of thin air in the middle of New York City. Since all of the city’s matadors and rodeo clowns apparently had the day off, NYPD officers had to chase down the bull, which was first spotted in the morning being pursued by an unidentified man (how is that guy still unidentified?).

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Brett Favre Already Has Plans For New York City

So as you’ve all been made aware of by now, the Green Bay Packers finally pulled the trigger on a deal that sent Hall of Fame-bound quarterback Brett Favre to the New York Jets. Finally, the national nightmare that was the Brett Favre Saga has come to an end, and life in America can resume. At least, you think it is.

Favre traded to Jets

You see, now that Brett’s been traded the odds are that the media attention he has received the last weeks is going to decrease. Instead of talking about him for 22 hours a day on ESPN, those at the worldwide leader only plan on talking about him for 18 hours today. This isn’t acceptable for Brett. He wants to be on our minds all day, everyday. The problem for Brett is now that he’s going to be playing in New York City, he has a lot of competition for the limelight. In Green Bay the only thing he had to compete with were a couple of cows and a few thousand people who feel that a wedge of cheese is meant to be worn on the head.

In New York, Brett’s bush league antics won’t fly, and that’s why he’s already begun scheming up new ways to keep every eye on him in the Big Apple. Find out what Brett’s planning to do after the jump.

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Brog: So Where Were Those Yankee Baby Killers?

I had some fun seats right behind the left field wall (no, not the bleachers) for the MLB All-Star Game at Yankee Stadium - which served as my live blog perch throughout the evening.

Brooks at MLB All Star Game in Yankee Stadium

Thank goodness they weren’t anything like this. (Isn’t it brand new?)

Tuffy and S2N have mostly covered all that there is to cover about the game. But I did want to chime in on Jonathan Papelbon claiming his pregnant wife’s life was threatened during the pregame parade yesterday.

Jonathan Papelbon MLB AllStar Game Red Carpet Parade

(Paps, pregnant wife not too concerned about smears here?)

I happened to be 10 feet from Papelbon for about 30 minutes, during most of his time on the parade route, and I didn’t hear anyone saying such things. Read more…

Brog: SbB Set To Invade Gotham For AllStar Game

Kids, it was a long day for ol’ Brooksie. This is the first chance I’ve had today to sit down and actually put keyboard to flatscreen for the site. Next time I goto the DMV, I probably shouldn’t take hostages for a better “next served” number.

Cora Skinner SPORTSbyBROOKS Girl New York Yankees

(SPORTSbyBROOKS Girl Cora Skinner)

Very soon, I’ll be coming to you live and earplugged from Gotham City, as SbB gets ready for the MLB All-Star Game. Hope to next check in with you sometime on Sunday (after a photoshoot with a new SbB Girl), and then of course Monday and Tuesday. And we’ll have a live blog for you from Yankee Stadium on Tuesday night.

I also wanted to take the opportunity to point out the best newspaper correction I can ever remember.

Newsday Correction Yankees Fan Demands Mets Correction

After Jason’s recent box seat purchase at Yankee Stadium, perhaps he figured this was a great way to throw off the IRS. (almost as amusing as thinking there’ll soon be a stock market correction.)

See you at a Sabrett’s stand in 48 hours!

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