Manny Ramirez: “Yanks Will Offer 3-Year Deal”

Someone send Red Sox Nation a memo, they might want to get all of their “Ramirez 24″ memorabilia ready for a bonfire. If word from the NEW YORK DAILY NEWS’ Mark Feinsand carries any credibility, former Boston all-everything outfielder Manny Ramirez is confidently telling friends that the Yankees will offer him a deal of at least three years, a marriage that would surpass the Johnny Damon defection in the pantheon of the greatest Judas moves in sports history.

Manny Ramirez measures up

(Soon to be a hated mural in Boston.)

Here’s the straight shot from Feinsand’s story — the latest in a string he’s been out in front on — as directly as you can get it:

“Manny Ramirez has told friends that he is confident the Yankees will offer him a contract of at least three years.”

Sure, Ramirez has a long way to go before he’s actually playing for the Yankees. After all, New York has yet to offer him a contract, let alone negotiate over whether he has to shave his dreadlocks, speak to the media or re-attend public high school in the Bronx to prove that he does, in fact, have an education above the fourth-grade level.

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Is Cassel’s Anti-Favre Streak Coming To An End?

The trickle-down effects of the Tom Brady injury are already being felt, as Brady’s collapsing knee has all but ensured the demise of one of the more unusually impressive streaks in sports. Backup Matt Cassel — who replaced Brady and led the Pats to a 17-10 win over Kansas City — has managed to become the #2 quarterback for (arguably) the top franchise in professional football despite not having started a game at the position since high school (it’s sort of a bizarro Brett Favre streak). Cassel was the understudy to Carson Palmer and Matt Leinart for four years at USC, and is now in his fourth year with the Pats.

Matt Cassel

Cassel threw more passes on Sunday (18) than he had in the last two seasons combined (15). As a reward for his unwavering commitment to the game and all the hard work he’s put in over the years to get his chance to shine, the Pats are bringing in just about anyone they can scrounge up for a workout, hopeful of keeping the non-start streak in tact.

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Yanks Fan Runs Over Sox Fan, Charged w/Murder

Yeah, the New York-Boston rivalry can be a fierce one at times, but in the case of Matthew Beaudoin, the bad blood went too far.

Matthew Beaudoin Ivonne Hernandez

The NASHUA (NH) TELEGRAPH reports that 43-year-old Ivonne Hernandez has been charged with 2nd-degree murder for running over the 29-year-old Beaudoin, who died from his injuries.

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New Yankee Stadium Jinxed By Buried Sox Shirt?

The New York Yankees visit Fenway Park tonight to renew their rivalry with the Boston Red Sox. (So, the rest of you other 28 MLB teams might as well postpone your games until after the weekend.)

Red Sox shirt buried in new Yankee Stadium

And the NEW YORK POST reports that a new wrinkle has been added to the on-going feud between the AL East adversaries. Trying to out-do the Curse of the Bambino, a construction worker attempted to start a new jinx on the Bronx Bombers by burying a Red Sox shirt in the new Yankee Stadium.

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